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Fox News Lies Exposed: Ron Paul CPAC 2011 Video

From Reality Report:

Two minute video exposes how Fox manipulates the news to suit their own agenda.

WeAreChangeOklahoma - Fox News Ron Paul CPAC Lies Exposed

Two more below...

From SaveOurSovereignty3 on YouTube:

CPAC 2011: FAUX News 'fix' for Ron Paul has already begun for 2012!?

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It is!

I'm really looking forward to hearing an explanation for this.



Many thanks to We Are Change. That was brilliant.I will send this to everyone I know.Incredable to see that.

I love liberty like fresh cool air in my lungs.I love freedom like fresh cool water on my tongue.I love peace like the smooth skin of my sweet lady.And Dr.Ron Paul is the hero I believe will change the world.


farce will be mentioned/linked in my local newspaper within the next several days. I already sent it in. I do love that about my little local can submit a small piece to their "30 Seconds" section concerning just about anything...and they accept one small piece daily, per person.

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A Fox "News" email...

I sent them a little note...

I lived in Amsterdam for 2

I lived in Amsterdam for 2 years and went to the University there. Legalization is great and should be encouraged but to be honest there were many shady things that go on in Amsterdam. There is definitely a lot of crime in the city center and the crime statistics are certainly underreported to keep tourism flowing. Amsterdam is a magnet for skeevy weirdos - foreigners that are drawn to the vices there. Dutch people are very insulated from these things - most Dutch people tend to be very clean cut and very intelligent. They don't engage in what is going down in the seedy parts of the city center and red light district. Most of the coffee shops are operated by foreigners. The prostitutes are mostly foreigners - each street seemed to have a certain nationality/ street would have African women, other streets Russians, there was even a street with old lady hookers.

I had a friend who ran a bar in the red light district so I saw a lot of what goes down there. When I would talk about it to my Dutch friends in class, they couldn't believe some of the things I told them went on in the their country. Outside of the center and red light district is a totally different place. The rest of the Netherlands is very clean cut. Dutch people are great, have great traditions and much tolerance. They have found a great way to deal with vice and it works - but its not without some problems.

When he gets check mated

he simply says he "doesn't care".

20+ years ago, 60 minutes did a special on Amsterdam. Maury Schaffer (sp) if I remember correctly, went into a coffee shop, and bought some buds. It was pretty funny watching him do that. I always wondered what he did with them.
They interviewed a guy that said he left California several years ago with 2700 bucks and a one way ticket. At the time they interviewed him, he said he had two different apartments going, harvesting every two months, and bringing in like 60k every couple of months just selling to the tourists. Not too shabby....8)

Back then they said that Amsterdam had 1/4 of the crime rate, and 1/4 of the aids rate, that the US did.


Excellent! O'reilly does himself in. More lies from the propaganda machine.

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT


at it's best. I tried to Like it and Favorite it on utube but it said not available at this time. So I bookmarked it here and there.

Billo should eat a brownie and chill

Thanks for the link.

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I just copied each link and sent it to all of my conservative friends. You know, the ones that live and eat and breathe by Faux news? I have been telling them Not to trust Fox news and now I have the evidence why.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Correct me if I'm wrong

Some commentators suggested, that maybe Fox had their cameras in a different location, therefore they mainly picked up BOOS.....but after watching a different video comparing two announcements up close, I noticed, that the person who announced the winner in 2010 video is wearing name card holder around his neck, and in 2011 video this name card holder is absent. This perhaps could be the best proof to anyone who still doubts that video used by fox was from 2010. Correct me if I'm wrong.

reedr3v's picture

Arrogant, shocking dishonesty


For those unfamiliar with CPAC, clothes & words would be better.

You're right. Those would expose a definite contrast and the Fox lie immediately.

Most will not pay too much attention to videos of cheering. But if they could see two side by side comparisons that pointed out that the announcer was dressed differently and said different words, it would probably be much more effective than all the above videos.

Maybe I'll make yet another one...

Michael Nystrom's picture

You are not wrong.

This would be a good one

for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Defend Liberty!

Might this be slander?

Slander is deliberate presentation of falsehood.

"They" label it as slander when the ugly truth is told about one of theirs.

Phil. 4:13

SteveMT's picture

Could be happening again?

Is this the same group that botched the video reports of the 9/11 attacks? Yes, no doubt. They were losers then, and they are still losers now!

Plane In, Plane Out, Plain Truth; it didn't happen!

It is happening ..

again. They are trying to shut Paul's 2012 campaign down before it even starts.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!


Unfair and Unbalanced. People that even watch FOX deserve the likes of Bill-O, Sean Palin Cheney Bush ect....

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Watch Krauthammer

and Bill O' destroy Ron Paul as a viable - legit candidate.

I'm still looking for the 2012 Teaparty Poll segment from Geraldo, Ron was completely excluded.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Krauthammer have ants in his pants, bad gas, or crabs?

Notice him shifting uncomfortably up and down in his seat?

Yeah Bill and Kraughtmeister

Calling Ron weird.

The poles have shifted.

Notice how Billy boy now approaches Ron with a softer slant so he can go in for the kill when it matters most. I will never trust that scum ever.

i couldnt watch the whole thing

it makes me want to shoot a Romneytard in the face

fortune favors the bold


for a beautiful thing - truth

fox should really apologize and show the correct video (since they made their little mistake)
LOL as the FB crowd would say


Bump for Truth and Activism!

Keep this bumped until FAUX issues a formal apology to Dr. Paul.


I just love the fact that the so called "guy that can't win" and his message, has the establishment so paranoid and scared, that they would do almost anything to try and smear and discredit him. If he truly had no chance they wouldn't waste their time. The establishment is built on a house of cards...... they are weak!!!!

Well, that's not really

Well, that's not really conclusive proof of anything other that one camera was in the other end of the auditorium. Fox could have been picking up boos closer to the stage. Are you suggesting that no one booed?

I'm sure there would have been boos if Mitt won..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I guess you didn't notice

I guess you didn't notice either the change in the pollster guys clothes, nor the complete difference in his dialogue either.

Actually my bad. I only saw

Actually my bad. I only saw the one video from the front page.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...