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Bill O’Reilly Bets John Stossel That Ron Paul Cannot Win One Presidential Primary

A $1000 bet.


Thank you sharpsteve for the link.

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Anyone know

if Stossel collected?

Defend Liberty!

Isn't gambling illegal? It

Isn't gambling illegal? It seems the feds and the IRS ought to swoop down on this criminal.

How about O'Reilly's introduction of Stossel:

"Blah, wah, blah, wah, gah...Stossel."

A thousand bucks? That's all?

If he's that confident, he should have bet him $10,000 or $20,000. At least that would have made all the headlines and given a little more attention to Dr. Paul, which never hurts.

Better to have him invest that to actually winning.

Rather than saving it to potentially pay off a bet.

Somebody has to

fall on the sword about the 911 thing.

Medina had the great opportunity to go on the offensive.

Here you go

Link has video

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