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Ron Paul, a Plane, a Pilot and Liberty pushing it thru the Air

Ron Paul needs a plane and a pilot to fly him in Iowa and the rest of the country. Do we have any members or a Ron Paul Supported that would donate the use of a plane? And Or can we sell advertising on the side of the plane to pay for the plane expenses, I would pay $500.00 Or even a $1000.00 to advertise on the side of a plane, it does not need to be big; I just want Ron Paul to have a plane to use with a pilot to travel. How about a money bomb just for the plane and pilot! Again if someone could donate plane and commercial grade pilot to give time it would be great. Would love help on development of this idea from all and would love help from daily Paul and others putting this together. The idea of covering the cost for the plane and having a ticker showing our progress for paying for the plane would be great! We can start small, for just Iowa and have it grow as we did in the past for future areas and amounts.

It can happen!

Let Ron Paul and the message of LIBERTY fly as far and as fast as it can to Victory 2012

What Say You?
In Liberty
Tom Heitman

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I volunteer to be....

the TSA body scan op.

I volunteer

to be flight attendant.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


All over the plane

Debbie's picture

This would be so awesome.

Fantastic idea!


We going to paint Revolution

We going to paint Revolution on it too?

There should be ten planes...

...and nobody should know which one he is one... in fact he should be on a bus quietly instead, after the big plane send-off with the look-alike!

We are talking about the next POTUS folks!

His opponents, all the rest of the candidates of all the parties, will be supported with all the money, media and safety the fiat world can bring.

Ron Paul needs the grassroots, common sense logic, due diligence, duty, and Truth. But in reality and above all, he needs Almighty God! When the same Truth and Divine help the founders sought and enjoyed is on our side, liberty will be good to go!

hey hold on a minute.. a

hey hold on a minute.. a whole plane for Ron Paul? carefull Ron .. Paul Speckt is gonne pull you out of that plane and recycle it.

On the serious side.. this is awesome. He needs this.


Links to donate? I was waiting for a money day but bombs are becoming less relevent. This is a perpetual push for liberty. For the charter I plan to donate 20.12 to RP and antiwar.com. We should send the anti-war message out to the left to see if they can help revive the anti-war message. Any suggestions?

Got the Web Site LibertyPlane.com

Need help making this move! Ideas Micheal plus others

Help our imagination. Show us what you have in mind.

Jazz? Country & Western?


Fixed wing prop?



Most of us have friends.

Many of us would be happy to help out.... carry bags... arrange landing parties...

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul