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Push-back Against RP on Reddit is Accelerating

"The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers"

The above headline has caused a TON of negative feedback on Reddit. I'd like to battle back with some cogent Liberty Minded Texas Straight Talk Common Sense!

Go to this link and contribute your thoughts, or reply here and I'll post comments back to Reddit.


Thank you.

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There's nothing to debate.

It's crystal clear.
"Congress shall make no law..."

That's the line.
Everything else is permitted.

The discussion revolves around Political Correctness attempts to make things more than are stated.

I agree, why are we even

I agree, why are we even debating to debate this issue.


The quote comes from http://ronpaulquotes.com/Texas_Straight_Talk/tst070102.html

Looking at the quote, in the context of the article, and the debate he was speaking towards... Take the Whole intent and meaning... he's correct.

If the superstate can restrict it, it can also Mandate it. Paul doesn't want the Federal to Mandate you Must follow Sharia law for instance... It shouldn't have the ability to, in either direction.

To be against his approach would be to Promote the ability for a Theocracy to form, the very thing those on that site are clearly against.


All I can say is that one can

All I can say is that one can pick apart one thing a guy says all you want. One does not have to absolutely agree with everything he says, in order to see he is the BEST candidate. Man..if Huck gets nominated there is SO much crap in his background--this time it will come out.

So you're saying that RP is a bigot?

I honestly don't believe that for a second (but a lot of people do...)

It's time for common sense and logic

detractors making a stink

I'd really like to fire back with an expert understanding of this distraction...no takers?

This WILL come up again and we should all have the same (right) answer in response. C'mon guys, I need some help here!!

It's time for common sense and logic