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Why is Glenn Beck trying to take down Google now, and now I am totally confused

I thought Google was against us, but if Beck is against us and the government, where the hell does that leave us? I am starting not to know who the hell is on our side. Does anyone know why government controlled Google, which we know is government controlled, is being hammered by government controlled Glenn Beck? I am just looking for clarification, not presenting factual information. I am one of the idiots who watches Beck everyday, because I need to watch all sides. Any ideas or speculation on this?

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Maybe because

cus every1 ultimately operates independently? ugh

people can be "influenced" but not 100% "controlled" unless he's really got a screw loose.. even in that case it won't be 100%

by your assumption if the world can be divided into black and white with the other side being 1000% controlled by the elites then you supporting this movement absolutely makes no sense..

because the theory behind our philosophy is that there is no way that a group of people can control and micro manage everything to perfect detail and do so with perfect precision.. if your assumption is correct, then our solution shouldn't be encouraging people to be informed and independent.. instead we should focus on convincing the elites or kidnap them to our side, because they possess such wisdom and prowess

your assumption that people can be 100% controlled is so self contradictory to what this movement is about i don't know where to begin.. in general, people can be heavily influenced, but not controlled. don't go grabbing me clips of those wackos claiming they're under mind control now. that's not what i'm talking about.

Glenn Beck is a fraud and I don't trust him one bit...

... his producers admitted watching and listening to Alex Jones every day. They are attempting to co-opt the growing truth movement and so they mimick AJ. Have you heard of Operation: Mockingbird? This is an obvious example of it.

Don't forget, Beck (the so-called Libertarian) called Ron Paul supporters terrorists that needed to be met with military force. I will never forget it.

"When you enlist in the U.S. military, you have take an oath that says you're gonna support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies - foreign and domestic - we talk a lot on this program about the foreign threats - maybe we should spend some time tonight on the domestic one....the physical threat may be developing domestically as well," - Glenn Beck



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Maybe the government is Google controlled!

Of, By, and For the Global Corporations. Who controls who? I wonder.

On Beck, he occasionally does well on some issue, only to blow it. Alex shows a good example of just that here.


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if gov-ctrl'd are always for gov ctrls, they've no credibility

but this works too

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