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If Dr. Paul Does NOT Get The Nomination

With odds seeming very high that Dr.Paul will announce a run for the Presidency it has got me thinking scenarios.

We can already see that the news media are scrambling to render Ron Paul "unelectable" even though every MSM news outlet have had him on as an expert on the economy ever since the last Pres.Primaries.

We know that we will have a lot of the statists twisting and obscuring Dr.Paul's stance on the issues as to cause confusion and uncertainty in the sheeple.

We know this will be an uphill battle with, probably, some disappointing times and some amazing times. Hopefully with an end result of : President Ron Paul. :)

But, maybe we should have a contingency plan or extended campaign vision for what may go down in 2012.

Do you think it would be a good idea, if Dr.Paul does NOT get the Republican nomination, to give up his seat as a Congressman to mount an independent run for the White House?
After all, he is getting up there in age. Either way he will be retiring (i might assume) in the next decade.

This will most likely be the only chance to get him into the Whitehouse. Going for broke may be the way to go.

And,he now has his son in the Senate to carry on the philosophy.

The idea of a 3 way race with Obama/Romney/Paul makes me think Dr. Paul stands out as the obvious choice. There may be nothing we can do to get Dr. Paul the nomination, it may already be owned by Romney.

So, are we just gonna quit if that happens, or will we continue?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Everyone here ought to

Everyone here ought to realize by now that there is no difference between to two major parties. We are trying to take over the Republican Party and restore it to what it is supposed to be. This can only be accomplished by replacing the Neocon leadership. The Neocons are really just a front for the globalists and special interest, as are the "Liberals" controlling the Democrat Party.

Though the speak as if there were a difference, don't listen to what they say, watch how they vote. Both parties have been selling us out for decades. This doesn't mean that we can't change one or both of them. But if we can't, if Ron Paul is ignored and lampooned like he was in 2008, we need to vote third party. Hopefully, we can persuade Ron Paul to run.

Right now, we need to point out that the other Republican candidates for president are not serious about Constitutional government. They are not going to buck the system. And that's why they are treated as legitimate candidates by the media.

A vote for Romney or Palin or Gingrich is not going to change anything, and you should all realize that by now. Let's pull out all the stops. And expose the current GOP leadership as in bed with the same interests as the Democrat leadership.

If he wants to keep is

If he wants to keep is chairmanship position, he wouldn't run. I think it's best to just get behind someone else. That's a long way off though..and it's likely RP will be the next president.

I voted

Constitution Party last time...Chuck Baldwin. For Ron to win there would have to be a mass awakening....and I just don't see it happening any time soon. I have talked to my family members for years until I am blue in the face. But sadly...mom, dad, sisters (3), grandfolks (3), all FUAX addicted NeoCons that can't wait to vote for Romney or Palin. On Ron Paul...they say he is nuts and he can't win anyway.

Of course, a mass awakening could happen...not sure what the flash point would be. Maybe if Luke Rudkowski could get close enough to Dick Cheney to give him a shot of sodium penathol and he goes on FAUX and announces that he was the ring leader of the Mossad / NeoCon 911 False Flag operation

If not Paul then another neocon...

... and we all know how that plays out... four more years for Obama... the GOP and their henchmen don't get it... make it a fair fight and you won't alienate the Ron Paul people, because without them their White House bid is a waste of effort... I would have voted for Obama if it was a close race between Obama and McCain... as it was clear who would win... I voted Barr...

Plano TX

This Year the Attacks Will be Much More Hostile

Dr. Paul is much more popular now. He will be harder to silence, so they will have to come at him with everything they've got. It's gonna get dirty. Time to roll up our sleeves. We'll have to have our own video footage of turnout, because it will undoubtedly be marginalized again. We'll have to stay above the fray because we saw how that crazy girl came after Rand with a wig on and the guy stepping on her shoulder was twisted into headlines that read "Rand Paul Supporter Attacks Innocent Bystander, Stomps Her Head, Gives Her Concussion, and Hospitalizes Her". We will have to win hearts and minds with a soft sell because getting people wake up from the false left-right paradigm that we've all been brainwashed to believe is like entering the Matrix for the first time.

Who is to say that ...

when Paul announces he won't be announcing his independant run.

He has been putting it off.

Why would he not simply say he has had enough of the Republican party and he will be seeking a third party nomination.

I am telling you, this has better chances of success than going through a Republican primary.

In my opinion, that is why it is taking so long for him to decide. I truly think he is pondering how he would like to run. Not whether he is going to run.

I think they want to see how much the moneybomb rakes in

before they decide.

If Ron doesn't win...


Walk Like Egyptians. period. end of story.

Im pretty sure he will NOT do as well in nationally televised

debates as he did in 2008. Anyone can pretty much use his 2008 debates at THE Yardstick on how to school fake candidates. And, that was WITH hostile moderators and even production crews (I mean we can laugh but this is literally true!). He did as incredibly well as he did facing all of these insane obstacles.

This time, Ron Paul is still going to have to deal with the same hostile moderator and production, while being considerably more aged and slower to react to stage cues.
Before you guys lay into me about Why The Hell Am I Not 110% About Ron Paul 2012, I'm looking at his most likely stage presence and his stage presence effect to a mass audience in 2012. It is going to be lesser due to Ron's lesser physical capabilities. That WILL be a reality in 2012.
And you know what, I wouldn't worry a single bit about Ron's abilities to woo an ignorant crowd, IF it were not for a hostile media venue. That, he is going to face as certain as the sun rises at 6:28am this morning. You have already been shown what **FOXNEWS has already done before the election cycle has even begun.**

Ron will have to deal with these thoroughly hostile venues, from the moderators, to the sound guys, to the camera guys, to the photographers as thick as he did in 2008, and at the same time, he is not the same physical specimen and slower to react.

It's not fair and it sucks total ass, but this is what portends his 2012 performance.

I will vote third party ....

again if Ron Paul is not the nominee. If we wake up enough people, they may not vote for the 'lesser of two evils' either. (But we still have the DIEBOLD {or is it LIEBOLDLY?} to deal with either way.....)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Going for Broke?

The only way Dr. Paul could go for broke right now, in my opinion, would be to leave the Republican Party, and Run as an Independent with Jesse Ventura or Gary Johnson.

But, history tells us, that Ron Paul once did that in 1988 when the man whom he supported, Ronald Reagan, backed away from his campaign promise of limited government and spending and actually quadrupled the national debt.

I hope that Ron makes the right decision, but I will support him no matter what he decides to do.


Can not get into the Debates. What good will that do?

I think Ron...

needs to go all the way this time...even if he does not get the nomination. After that he needs to declare an independent run and take it to the last day. This is the last hurrah for the old patriot and we must make it a good one...this is all or nothing and we must make it count for all we can...anyone want to second this?

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt

"sore loser" laws in many states won't let this happen

Ron Paul can not run as an Independent if he has gone through the primary debates as a Republican. (hence my suggestion below)

Ron Paul does the primary debates and Rand Paul runs Independent

Ron Paul does the GOP primary debates. The GOP is broke so they want someone who not only will take orders, but is able to finance his own campaign - hence Romney. So it is unlikely that Ron Paul will actually get the nomination. BUT the message will get out to the masses again.

THEN Rand can run Independent with Ron as VP!!

I like it


I Agree

If ever there was a time for a third party candidate its 2012.

Before you guys go too far

Keep in mind that it will be a long shot if Dr. Paul gets the nomination much less the presidency. If he doesn't win it is not necessarily because he was cheated.

It is a very up hill battle against the MSM. The reason they are Main stream is because a majority of people trust them, and listen to them. There will be very well conected, influential rich people pulling out all stops.

There is the "I hate Muslims" crowd. Look around at comments posted outside Ron Paul friendly sites. It is astounding how people think about muslims, and what their view is on the middle east. This group will not be easily convinced.

On top of that, there is a large group of people more or less happy with the way things are. They don't want much change from the status quo, since they either profit from it, or they are too scared of change.

So don't kid yourself, Dr. Paul is no where close to being a shue in.

Now that being said, it is very important that he run, even if he doesn't win. I would like to see either he or gary Johnson run as a third party in the likely event that he looses the Republican primary. There are some issues with sore loser laws he will have to confront as a libertarian candidate, though.

If Ron Paul does NOT get the nomination...

it will be because the nomination was stolen from him.

Once again Dr Paul .

Either has to run in the republican primmaries or 3rd party he cannot do both. Many states have sour loser laws and would only throw out his vote.If he tried to do both.

He has to be thinking about this.

I thought 2008 was our last chance to turn things around, but I hope I was wrong. I hope he does run.

He didn't have a big enough groundswell of support to make a run as an independent in 2008. But his message has continued to get out. So, even though there is no way that he will be allowed to get the nomination, maybe this time the support will continue to build enough to make a run as an independent at least barely feasible and less than totally quixotic. I hope so.