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Breaking Video: Dennis Miller on Bill O'Reilly agrees w/Ron Paul on foreign policy.

Even though he does say He doesn't think Ron can win this was a good clip.


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These blowhards are a couple

of the worst actors I've ever seen. Will all their hot air they should go into the balloon blowing business.

Ignore us, Attach us, We

Ignore us, Attach us, We win

almost there

He doesn't want a wall. Just

He doesn't want a wall. Just the opposite. We need a border fence because of stupid government legislature.

Basically Miller dissed Dr. Paul...

WHY do these idiots equate non-interventionist foreign policy with isolationism???

So because Ron Paul doesn't believe in spreading our form of government at the point of a gun, he's an isolationist?

IDIOTS. The media is full of IDIOTS.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul



Screw Dennis Miller. Idiots

Screw Dennis Miller. Idiots do not understand truth and never will.

How is this much different than Ron Paul?

"In contrast, most Muslims are not embracing Islamic fundamentalism; al Qaeda is an isolated fundamentalist Islamist aberration; most Iraqis are engaged in strife because the American occupation of Iraq destroyed the Iraqi state; while Iran—though gaining in regional influence—is itself politically divided, economically and militarily weak. To argue that America is already at war in the region with a wider Islamic threat, of which Iran is the epicenter, is to promote a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Senate Foreign Relations Committee - February 1, 2007
(Senate.gov deleted the original PDF transcript)

For all his past mistakes, Zbignew has been a major critic of the "War on Terror", the Iraq War, Bush, Israel and the Israeli Lobby all with tremendous credibility for the Establishment. No one questions his experience or knowledge on foreign policy...

(I'm not defending Zbignew just pointing out that so-called credible foreign policy experts expose the false threat of Al Qaeda and Iran like RP)

This is what I posted:

What "accolytes?" Is that the worst those stooges can come up with? That Ron Paul has a legion of followers who won't stand for bullshit anymore? Gosh, I thought that of all people, these two would admire people who are independent thinkers. Guess I was wrong. RON PAUL 2012


Here's a dose of your own ridiculous medicine..."Shut up, you pinhead! SHUT UP!!!"

"Now it's coming pretty fast,

"Now it's coming pretty fast, what people don't understand that this time next year primarys will already been over" It's time to panic bill hurry up & ridicule, be-little, marginalize Ron Paul before he starts running away with these early primary wins aaarrrhhh!!!!;)

Well, he clearly hasn't read 'The Revolution: A Manifesto"

Miller's opinions here seem to be drawn from the repetitive assumptions the media constantly puts forth. The claims about walling off America are false and ridiculous. And the whole "devotees are weird" plug, betrays a lack of substantial argument.


He is NOT agreeing, he is

He is NOT agreeing, he is trying to paint him as an isolationist and a protectionist.

bill will talk to anybody

bill will talk to anybody about Ron Paul .... Unfortunately he does not speak to Ron Paul himself. He still has misrepresentations of his ideas.
Maybe he is afraid of interviewing Dr Paul

More and more people avoid O'Reilly.

He interrupts and calls guests names. He interviews a lot of Fox employees. I guess they have no choice.
Ron Paul gains nothing by being disrespected by O'Reilly.

I disagree. I think this is a

I disagree. I think this is a nasty interview and they are laughing at him AND spreading disinfo again.

You're right

The memo seems to have come down, attack Ron Paul. Even the homosexuals on "RedEye" are taking shots.
Love the timing, just about everyone is in line.

Dennis Miller is a pinhead

Dennis Miller is a pinhead and he always acts like that no matter what topic is being discussed.