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Helen Thomas - "You Can Call The President Anything You Want But You Can't Say Anything Against Israel"

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I'll admire her gravestone.

I'll admire her gravestone.

Haha! That's mean.

I think Helen is still pretty

I think Helen is still pretty sharp for a 90 year old eh? I admire her courage, her tenacity, her experience, and her knowledge...and her energy.

Helen Thomas a Great Collectivist and Liberal Socialist

She clearly said, the Jews of Israel should go back to Germany, Poland and America.

In the video posted she stated that everything is owned by the Zionists. So, obviously she is a collectivist and racist against Jews.

What about "White" Americans who live in America, where should they go back to, for "White" Americans took the land of the Indians, as their own, slaughtering millions of native Americans.

Helen Thomas agrees with almost all liberals including those she calls "Zionists" and supported Barack Obama for President. Now, she seems a little disappointed with Pres. Obama.

Where was Helen Thomas when the Pakistani government was going to execute a Pakistani Christian woman for blasphemy? Maybe too busy worrying about giving anti-Zionist speeches? It's much more fun and profitable to scream at your supposed enemies than criticize your bretheren. Hitler practiced that very efficiently.