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RP & Perception Management

Perception Management: The art of getting people to perceive or interpret things in a certain way.

Those involved with the last presidential elections are aware of the cliche, "He can't win". At that time it seemed as though in nearly all the media I saw concerning Ron Paul, many of the reporters would talk favorably of him but then, when the report concluded, they would would say with a smerk, too bad, "but he can't win".

Then shortly after the media started repeating this catch phrase over and over again, I started hearing it repeated by the parrots on the street.

Too bad those that go around blurting out cliches never seem to catch on that they are not thinking for themselves and have been "mind controlled" as exhibited by their parroting use of words, other wise how would they know the exact cliche if they did not hear it from a previous source first?

With this, I conclude that this cliche was so effective the last time around, that they will be using it again until the cliche is some how verbally destroyed.

Here's some recent perception management that I just came across.

Notice how it is indirectly reenforcing the concept of "He can't win"? Even after he has once again ALREADY HAS WON the first debates!

Seems that the media is now getting an early start using this cleche directly AND indirectly all over again. We need to develop a counter-respose that blows the slogan away.

Got any ideas?