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Borders Books Goes Belly Up

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That is right in my back yard (Ann Arbor MI) It will hurt alot of folks. Last hit we took Pfizer pulled out and we lost alot of good people in our community.... I am with you on the :(

But as someone said below...They are reorginizing. It will be tough in a market where E-books dominate. I hope they can reinvent themselves....

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chapter 11 is not going belly up

It is cutting the fat so that you can survive.

that said I get all my books online, since I tend to read books that are kinda specilist in nature, like charles spurgeon, to tang soo do.

My brother had managed Borders

stores for years. he got out last year and switched to Barnes & Noble, saw the writing on the wall.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I buy books

at garage sales especially helpful ones. I figure down the road they will be useful when the lights go out. Useful information, entertainment and the ones I don't like toilet paper. hee,hee

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