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Cairo in Wisconsin

And coming soon to your state or municipality.


(Thanks Steve for the video)

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There shold be some firings and arrests

1) The Unions should be fired and arrested for breach of contract!

2) Same with the teachers...and then they bring the students?! REALLY?!?!


And last and least

4) Obama..his Organizing for America supported these protests...HE HAS BLOOD ON HIS KENYAN BORN HANDS (You knew I was going to go the eligibility route)!

For The Power of The Republic!

Ronald Reagan Would of Fired all of these

Law Breakers - Remember them Air Traffic Controllers

Someone needs to clearly explain to these law breakers that the gig is up, cause there ain't no Money Honey!

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Governor Walker

Walker should just call a press conference and respectfully request that the teachers, to avoid being fired for cause should just simply return to work on monday. In he same press conference he should announce that the state may have as many as 6000 openings avaliable for teaching positions and they are now taking applications. When 150,000 applications come in for 6,000 jobs all will be clearly understood. Game over!


there are plenty from Michigan ready to step in too.


When He Was In Chicago, Barack H. Obama Was Considered An Anti Union Busting Thug..

Now He Wants Justice For The Poor Miserable Unionist in WI

Its All About Gaining Support For His Re-election..

He Is In Violation Of His Oath Of Office By Interfering In States Business.

He Is Nothing But An Opportunistic Marxist Degenrate Scum Of An Illegal Alien.

Before Its Over The Prevailing Attitude Of The Perceived Attitude Of The Roll Of Government Will Ignite Into Caos And Spread Across America That Will lead To Civil War In America..

This is a Wildcat STRIKE!!!!

It violates contractual agreements and they could and should be fired...

Remember the air traffic controllers.. they all were fired and were replaced. We never missed a beat... The scabs kept the skies safe contrary to what the dems and newspapers were preaching.

I Live in Wisconsin

Not happy about these protests. With all of the concessions that public sector employees have made just so that their employers are able to keep them on, state workers should be grateful this didn't happen 2 years ago. I have made concessions at my job, not because my boss is cruel, but because he desperately wants to stay in business.


My salary is down 30%, but I'm still employed.

Sympathy for Egypt, None for Wisconsin

I was glued to AlJezeerah watching the Egyptian demonstrations, and all of my sympathy has been for the people of the Maghrib and Mashriq as they demand better services from their corrupt leaders.

Unlike Wisconsin. I watch with interest but confess I have no sympathy for them. Because they are public employees and members of a public sector union.

They are not starving. They are not calling for lower prices for bread and milk. They have received excellent benefits and high salaries. I am frankly jealous of them, and wish I could have such splendid compensation.

That reductions in benefits is hard to swallow is understandable. I'd be angry too. But they have received more than "their fair share" for the work they do.

Time to share the pain of the private sector.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

tasmlab's picture

Monopoly buyer vs. monopoly seller

It's economic perversion to a rare and highest degree! The battle is on! Only sheer emotion, preference, and violence can win this one.

Who should I root for? The union or the government? My Austrian RP-heart is turning into a pickle.

Union dues for Wisc teachers = $1,100/year. The union is an industry on to itself. Probably about $50MM per annum to spend on administrators, fund campaigns.

Would it be possible for them to destroy each other?

Than who would teach the children??? It would be madness! Parents would probably have to hire teachers directly based on their reputations for providing good education services. Soon, the best teachers would be able to demand more money while the bad ones would go out of business. How can that be fair??? Madness!

(Sorry, irony isn't helpful. nothing to see here. Back to work)

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

today's unions

are a far cry from their beginnings...they are in bed with the politicians....who give them automatic raises...a portion of which are returned to same pol as campaign contributions.......aka......money laundering


So a mob of peopel demanding the government take money from other people and give it to them? Is robbery ok as long as it is a mob doing it?

These people want a decent

quality of life. OK. Why are they not marching to stop the wars? Wars that cost trillions of their taxes and cost human lives? The American ego is consuming itself.

Time for the comeuppance !! High Time !!


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I'll read Rothbard

Indy and PBaz,

The unions are corrupt, of course. The Wisconsin Governor and Senate are also corrupt. Individuals have no inroads to corruption without a power base. The majority of people acting alone are reduced to scavenging rodents in a police state.
A 100 years ago, if the three of us went to our industrial employer, and requested an eight hour work day, he might dismiss us, and hire an armadillo to do the same job. There was no "bargaining." If we came back with fifteen of our friends, our benevolent capitalist might be waiting with a band of hired goons to club our tender skulls. If our daughters and wives came to camp with us during the ensuing strike, the Governor's guard might decide to ignite them in a hole.
This is what power does when it is not checked. Liberties are not given, they are taken. And what our grandparents and great-grandparents achieved through their RIGHT to organize, is the reason why neither of you are fired from your jobs when the boss man is shocked by your politics, or your dress code, or your accent, or your wig etc...
I agree with both of you. The unions of today have warped into a political power, corrupt, and out of control. The teachers came into a system that was laid out for them over the past fifty years or so. Circumstances might goad them to study a little bit of labor history, which would shame those who espouse illusions of entitlement. But for the time being, they have the right to assemble. Make no mistake, every freedom we enjoy today was won by the power of collective "bargaining." The American Revolution was a stand-up strike with musketry.
Rothbard looks like great reading. He also looks like someone who would run away very fast from the scary capitalist waving a baton his way.


Definitions count.

What does the right to organize mean? Do unions get preferential and unfair treatment by the law?

The answer to # 2 is an unequivocal yes. The labor laws are horrendously unjust and unfair to companies, or in many cases to those who choose not to be in a union. Most unions use brute force and thuggery, protected by the state.

Even though I personally oppose unions in most cases, I'm all for the right to organize- if unions do not receive preferential treatment by the state. In this country, unions can do virtually anything they want to with no consequences. That preferential treatment is inherent in the labor laws. The laws are an affront to liberty and everything this country is supposed to stand for.

You alluded to the violence used by "capitalists" as an injustice. Indeed it is if not used in defense of property, which it was at times. The irony is that now the unions are the violent thugs, using that same unjust force. Think: violence towards non-union workers.

Unions serve to limit employment of others, a cartel. They are a method of demanding more than what the market will bear-using the states muscle. Indeed, historically the most successful unions were those of skilled crafts and trades that were in demand anyway. If unions ( as they are construed) are some inherent good, why don't we all join a union? Wouldn't there be a "collective" improvement for all of our standards of living? Think about that.

In addition to Rothbard, I suggest reading Walter Block as well.

Respectfully, I take issue with your version of U.S. history. It is a mischaracterization of history. Among other things the colonists were rebelling against mercantilism, of which unions are another form of. The glorification of unions as representing some libertarian ideal is seductive, but deeply inaccurate.

As for Rothbard running from a "capitalist waving a baton" he would understand that there are property rights issues involved and a host of issues that you have not considered. I suspect, that he might run even faster from a union thug forcing him into a locked wage and union dues. In most cases a far more oppressive master.

If the American revolution was indeed "a stand up strike with musketry", it was so individuals could have their individual freedom to pursue live, liberty and property. They could be free from the cartelized policies of the English government. Unions in this day and age ( post FDR) represent just another cartel that forces higher prices on the consumer and taxpayer... and excludes others from employment. One could argue that that is their primary purpose.

Sorry, but those teachers in Wisconsin are representatives of a freedom stealing cartel who've had a good run at the taxpayers expense. And I might add, at the expense of educational choice and quality.

Dude, that picture the girls

Dude, that picture the girls are holding that says "you couldn't read this without teachers" PISSES ME OFF! Government should not be involved with education at all. It isn't by coincidence that we spend more money on schools than any country in the world and have horrible overall scores compared to other countries! I could read just fine without ever having a teacher! I learned next to nothing. If anything, the interaction with kids taught me certain things and I learned to do math equations. I also learned how to write pretty darn good papers but that is it and I didn't need a teacher to do that. Sorry teachers, you, for the most part, are great people but the free market could provide a much better educational experience.


Well said.

Put Your Hands Up...This Is A Stick-Up!

If the "employer" (aka taxpayer) refuses to pay the "employee" (aka government worker), then the employer is charged with a crime of tax evasion. Yet, when the "employee" breaks their contractual obligations (fake illness, illegal strike), then they are portrayed as fighting for their "rights".

So, how can these workers have any right to the property of another? The real racket is the concept of public unions. I don't have a problem of voluntary associations for negotiating anything, but only in a free market where non-aggression is the supreme law.

As a citizen of Wisconsin, it's good to see Governor Walker essentially saying the "the buck stops here!" We've had too many statist governors -- Dem (Boyle) and Rep (Thompson)-- that have allowed the state to become unfriendly to potential business AND potential employees. There is a brain drain partly because the economic environment is not optimal. When Walker says "open for business", it's about time...

To the government workers of Wisconsin, your employers (taxpayers) can't afford to pay you anymore. If the employer's not making money, then expect the same. Last time I checked the state doesn't print its own currency, so it can't bail itself out with funny money. No, you're paid with real blood, sweat, and tears of productive workers in the private sector -- and don't you forget it!


Madison should be called

Madison should be called Little Moscow!

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

As a former UAW President

I hope these clowns get charged with a walk out. That is what this is. The teachers are a bunch of lazies looking to coin in on my pocket book. The party is over teach. Time to work til 67 like the rest of us instead of going into hibernation at 55 on my sweat. 30 years over due for the correction...

Seriously folks who do you know as a teacher than can you really can relate to.

I currently am a student.

Yeah, I have had some conversation with a Native
American teacher in the class.

Interesting that they understand the Natives getting decimated because the Spanish had horses and firearms and therefore lost their Liberty.

But, firearms need restricting. The more education these people get turns them into clueless Americans who forget the history that they teach.

Post title should be "Union

Post title should be "Union thug parasites descend on Madison, WI".

Missing WI Cockroach

Missing WI Cockroach Senators found by Rockford Tea Party. This is getting funnier by the second.


There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Tax parasites complaining about their host's economic distress?

Will they make Wisconsin borrow from their children to pay for their foolish parasitic choices?

Free includes debt-free!

Totally agree

Best post of the day....So true.

More from Yahoo...

By now, you've probably heard about the kerfuffle in Wisconsin, where demonstrators have been clogging the state Capitol to denounce a bill, pushed by Gov. Scott Walker, that would strip most government workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights. Schools have closed as teachers skip work to protest. Students have been sleeping in the Capitol rotunda for the last two nights. And there are unconfirmed reports that Senate Democrats may have skipped town to avoid a vote on the controversial measure tonight.

Yahoo News

No work no pay. It's part fo the contract.

Save a buck, if these children want to play.

Free includes debt-free!

The teachers are your neighbors

Stop fighting over your shared pittance! Wall Street, as it stands now, is one enemy. The Military, Medical, Educational, NAFTA industrial complex are the others. These are people who need to be educated, not ridiculed. Your neighbors! Educators of your children! Unless we are all self-made millionaires, I think we go to sleep at night dependent on some infrastructure of humanity. We all work for somebody else, correct? And we would fight for job security in order to maintain the status quo for our families. The union power to bargain is our right as human beings. What we achieve in the bargaining process is another matter.
But to take away that right is criminal.


collective bargaining

I have no problem with the idea of a group of people deciding to join together to collectively bargain their terms of employment. Just to be clear, there is no human right to force an employer to hire someone or even to force them to negotiate with someone who decides to take part in collective bargaining. In order for economic cooperation to take place the employer and employee must agree on terms and neither side may use force. That being said, I think its ridiculous that the premise for eliminating collective bargaining was to save money. If you want to save money on labor cut pay, cut hours, or cut headcount. This whole situation looks like a fabricated distraction to me.