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Idaho Needs Your Help!

Idaho is calling out to all Freedom loving patriots. It is time to enlist the help of all of our fellow patriots - not just here in Idaho. There are many states watching what we do here in Idaho; there are at least 27 states who are waiting to enact the same kind of nullification legislation as Idaho. What we do here will influence many states and help to start the movement against unconstitutional legislation and acts! And, if this effort is successful, our legislators will move on to stopping other federal encroachments - such as EPA cap-and-trade implementation that was ditched even in the last Democratic Congress, among others. So please get the word out to everyone on your contact lists that Idaho needs your help!

Here is the latest on the nullification effort in Idaho:

Idaho's House of Representatives recently passed H0117 - the text of that bill is here: http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2011/H0117Bookm... . This bill effectively bans Obamacare within our state's boundaries. But - the bill passed with a vote of 49 to 20 - this vote was not as united as last year's resolution against obamacare - that bill sailed through the House. As you all know, a state resolution is just a resolution - it is a statement. Now Idaho is poised to put the bite behind the bark - and we are finding that some of our legislators seem to be losing their courage to stand up against federal encroachment on the rights of our constitutionally guaranteed sovereignty. Our next big hurdle is getting this bill through the Idaho Senate State Affairs committee.

Here are ways that you can help us, even if you are not a resident of Idaho:

* If you know people in Idaho who can attend the Senate State Affairs Committee hearing - have them contact Sandy at: gimom@gmx.com and she will make certain they get the details - time and date. This is critical! We must get every Idahoan that we can get to that hearing! The presence of Idahoans at the Idaho House State Affairs Committee hearing was hugely important in getting that committee to advance the bill to the full House - and we know that the Senate will be an even tougher fight!

* Pass this information on to those on your contact lists who are Idahoans - they can call 1-800 626-0471 to send messages to their State Senators asking that they support HB 117.

* For those people who are not Idahoans, you can call 1-800 626-1471 and tell the receptionist that you would like to send a message to the Senate State House Affairs Committee stating that although you are from another state you have a vested interest in supporting this bill because its passage would influence your own state in enacting the same kind of legislation - so you would like to add your voice of support for H0117.

Thank you all.

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I have written extensively about Idaho & Silver mining.

Please print out the DailyPaul articles that suit your cause. Be so kind as to mention to my many friends there, I am still rousting about.

They will probably tease something about rusting or roasting; just smile & nod.

Best regards.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I'll be there.

Maybe you should change the title to Nullification - Idaho Needs Your Help.

Maybe Michael would consider a front page spot since if this does pass the Senate and lands on Otters desk we would be the first state to use nullification since before the Civil War.