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Polls shows that 65% of you believe Fed will act before next meeting

Our recent poll at fakeben.com shows that 65% of you believe the Fed will act before their next meeting on January 30th. Please visit to participate in more polls.

The poll result is consistent with the futures traded on the CBOT. December futures indicate a good chance of a rate drop BEFORE the end of the year. January futures also indicate the chance of a rate drop before the next Fed meeting. February futures indicate near certainty the Fed will lower another 25 bps at the January meeting.

It seems as if the markets and banking system are still very much addicted to lower interest rates and more liquidity. Obviously, Ron Paul's message hasn't spread far enough yet!

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What good are polls?
My guess is that the actual percenatge who expect the fed to pump more money into the system is higher than 65%.
The percentage that WANT it to might be closer to zero but what difference does what we want make?
Polling people doesnt change the reality, that we are essentialy slaves of Wall Street tycoons and that the paid media outlets will keep pumping out the glory of that fact despite our knowing that it is virtualy a law of physics that what is GOOD for wall street is bad for main street and vice versa ...
Im sure Kramer the clown is doing handstands on the boob tube right now ... Go dow jones ... Hopefully most people will live long enough to write off most of their losses.

The Fed has a choice...

they can save the dollar or they can save wall street.

I think we know which way they will go.