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Private Prison System

There's not much that the government doesn't do. It continues to grow in size, control, and cost while ignoring its limitations per the founding document.

As much as Government does what it shouldn't do it outsources the things it should be doing. Look at the control over the monetary system that Congress "handed" to the Federal Reserve in 1913 and how wars have been privatized for profit.

A topic that few people discuss in the liberty movement is the privatization of the prison system. Please read and share this article with your friends and call your representative to have Government in charge of the prison system.


It's more than obvious how it's a profit driven industry and no "free" Nation should put a system in place where incarceration is motivated by profiteering. Just as no free Nation should fight a war on drugs. It's more than clear how the two are connected.

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This article isn't entirely

This article isn't entirely accurate, it started in 1971.

Corporate Prisons?

I do not think so, not in this political and economic climate. Justice falls under government imo. This is the lesser of the two evils for the time being.

While I understand the principal for free markets - this is an area that should be under the public domain for now. There are other more pressing issues to deal with right now.

Eliminating some bad laws would ease the prison and inmate challenge.

I have visions of unfettered TSA types being let loose in these prisons - those prisoners do have rights as well. Some are innocent and some are non-violent offenders.

I think the corruption in the prisons would only escalate if they were privatized. ie. the low paying security jobs.


If all "victimless crimes"

If all "victimless crimes" were stricken from the lawbooks, there would be no need for half the prisons in the country.

just came across the

just came across the following link and story

thought I'd share as it addresses the war on drugs and wasteful government spending. It's crazy to read the story of a person that's been in prison since 1987...


quote from the article,

"As this official data indicates, the prison population grew significantly since the 1980s which coincides with “conservative, limited Government” President Reagan’s war on drugs and the simultaneous introduction of the privatization of the U.S. prison system."

Good point for ending the war on drugs.


good article

Thanks for posting.

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