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Atlas Shrugged Trailer - Over 702,000 YouTube Views Since Feb 8.

It will be interesting to see which theaters will pick up the movie for the April 15 opening. It sure looks like there is lots of grassroots demand.

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The problem with

Atlas Shrugged in today's world is that today's world is nothing like Rand's ideal world as portrayed in the book. How many great industrialists are left? Men and women who succeed but more importantly fail on their own? Few... If you look at the "looters" in today's society, you will find that these are the same people at the top of the corporate pyramid. They are no longer innovators (well ok Zuckerberg is, big deal) but for the most part corporate CEO's and corporations are tax consumers (feeders, consumers, looters), not participant's in a free market, that are valued by what they produce. This movie will be used by the right to promote more corporatism, not free market principles... It will be co-opted just like the Tea Party was. Personally, I would boycott it. You all read the book, as well you should have as it is a great book, but dont feed into the system, by spending your money on a film that will be nothing but used against the principles you think you are fighting for....

"Qui audet adipiscitur"

Certainly, the looters

have taken over. Maybe today is after the book. All the people of the mind work for the looters or work in a line of work which is not their expertise.

While life is better than anyone in history has ever had, could it be much better if not for all the 3 letter agencies? Could we be driving hydrogen cell cars? Have various kinds of health options available? Food production? Education?

... I know everyone hear knows all this

We need to support this movie in droves.

Whether it is in a theater or just on DVD (Which would be a crying shame).

I have a friend who runs 2 theaters and he is a Ron Paul supporter and an Atlas Shrugged fan.

But he said it looks like this will be a very low distribution film which means Hollywood is not really behind it (no surprise).

So he hedged when I told him he better be showing it.

I jumped all over him about it but he said it's just business and he might not show it if it looks like he will lose money on it.

I understand but if it were me, I'd show it on principle - to hell with the money!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

If I remember the story correctly....

Ayn Rand said that the Fountainhead was rejected by about a dozen publishers, and when it was published it started slowly, then grew into a sensation by word of mouth.

When she published Atlas Shrugged, she was warned by her editor that it would not be a commercial success because of all the philosophy, speeches, etc. that would turn the reader off. So the book was published without much fanfare, but its' sales grew because of word of mouth. Now, 53 years later, it's still being printed in hardcover...almost unheard of for a novel. It turns out that the 'experts' were not so expert after all.

Maybe the movie, if well done, will be the same.

Ask him for some honest numbers.

How much would he reasonably expect to collect on any alternative he would screen, and how much he would reasonably expect to collect by showing this film?

Maybe we could moneybomb for the difference or put out a 3rd party grassroots effort to fund a broader distribution and marketing campaign?

If Blair Witch could do it on a shoestring, we can too. (and this looks like a much better movie in my opinion than Blair Witch)


Nothing like giving the finger to the The Man on Tax Day.


Not bad enough that Christians make awful movies? (As a film lover, I can all but guarantee this will be awful.)

Why? Let's hope you are wrong!

Why? Let's hope you are wrong! This movie can have a great influence, especially in these times.

Hey I'm with you

Nothing would be more awesome than for this to get some love at the Academy or at least get some critical praise and a cult following. Much like my favorite film last year, "Scott Pilgrim vs the World", NO love from the academy but an amazing film, the vast majority of people who see it say "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SEE THIS?!" (at least the ones I've talked to), so I won't let box office determine if it's a good movie (though if the ideology is well represented a big box office would obviously promote the free market).

What I'm saying is the trailer looks like trash, I've already had coworkers discussing it and making fun of it (I work in video production), and after watching it I understand why. I'm sure I'll see it, but when my friends ask if it was good I'll answer honestly, "No, it was awful, but that's not what the book was ever about, right? It's philosophic, so watch it with those glasses on." But they'll likely skip it, cuz it's a movie that they know is awful.

If a socialist tells me to watch his god-awful film that gives a great representation of his ideology, well, okay I'd probably watch it because I watch everything anyway (particularly when it brings in an opposing viewpoint), but most people want to enjoy the movie first, think about it second. lol
(IMO of course.)

Oke, thanks for the explanation,

Oke, thanks for the explanation, got it. Let's hope it all turns out better then expected.

I liked the book. I hope the

I liked the book. I hope the book is just as good. Any one knows how many parts they are going to make?

3 parts,

just like the book. However, the producer funded most of this first part out of his own pocketbook. He stated that he will only do parts 2 and 3 if the proceeds will fund it.
Let's hope this one is a success, so we will get to see parts 2 and 3.

"You are not what you think you are, but what you think............. you are".
-Earl Nightingale

Thanks. Unfortunately, I fear

Thanks. Unfortunately, I fear that the democrats and liberals might interpret the movie incorrectly which may hurt the movie's ratings. I hope I am wrong.

I support the underlying

I support the underlying idea's so much that I do not care how well the movie is made, I will vote with my FRN's and try my best to help push this movie (and mostly the topics that it represents) into the for font of Popular (sheeple) media.

I truly hope it is well made, as the book does a good job of pointing out how important deregulation is.

as for your question, the creation of the John Galt line (in the book, IIRC) would seem to be a third of the story and a significant transition point, surely there this will be a "three part" movie though the things that happen after the John Galt line are the most interesting to me (the rest is needed back story to set the stage and can be quite entertaining if done right.)

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

I agree TargeT. I am biased because I support this so much.

I don't care if there are no big name actors invloved. The fact is most of Hollywood is too liberal to want to be associated with this principle.

I am just happy they got the thing going at all.

I might find out if they need donations for the cause.

But I will be there April 15th if it is an any theater.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Atlas Shrugged: The Obama High Speed Train Advertisement

Beware. It was 2 years to the day (April 16, 2009) that Obama talked about high speed rail. This movie will be full of references to fast trains. Get ready for Obama to co-opt the movie and change its message!


I'm sure that is just a coincidence...


An advertisement for Highspeed Trains was all the Trailer seemed to be about. What better way to dupe the masses than put out a movie like this riding the r3EVOLution rail of an Ayn Rand Novel.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

if you read the book this

if you read the book this will actually be VERY negative to government intervention in private business, the high speed train is the crux of the corruption before significant events transpire (I don't want to get too specific if you haven't read the book, its a fascinating read)

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

reedr3v's picture

If they follow the book, it'll be about the

failure of a socialized train system and socialized economy.

It's not going to be in

It's not going to be in theaters (sadly) but you can buy the DVD to support them!

Wrong. It WILL be in theaters.

So says the film's official website. http://www.atlasshruggedpart1.com/

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

not quite

It may be in a "theater" but it's not in theaters near you. This film has no major distribution or marketing behind it. It needed Angelina to get that.

Eventful-AMC is an alternative independent film distribution model which allows people to vote on which city a film may play in at an AMC theater. Very limited.

I'll be buying the DVD though, looking forward to it.

Well, that's too bad. BUT

Well, that's too bad. BUT they'll end up making more money with a DVD, iTunes or Netflix rental anyway. This is the "dirty little secret" of theatrical releases. Theater owners make most of the money, it mostly serves as advertising for the eventual DVD and other associated merchandise.

Very true, it's like a big

Very true, it's like a big advertisement.

Our word of mouth referrals can sell millions of DVDs though, so it can still be a huge success.

Hopefully they'll more than

Hopefully they'll more than make their money back and continue to put out quality product... I haven't seen the movie, but I am interested.

Looks like good a good movie.

Cant wait.

Sure glad Brad Pitt's mom

is not in it as was rumoured

I assume you mean Angelina

I assume you mean Angelina Jolie? She would have been very good to this production, actually. Entertainment is a business and she is very good for business.


was not plastic

Your name tickles me

I just gotta tell ya every time I see your screen name it makes me chuckle ... out loud ... scaredcanuck ... gives me a smile whenever ... even though being scared is no fun.