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Max Kaiser, "Food Wars!" JP Morgan Buys World w/ Paper Cash

Max Keiser Report -- Tuesday, February 08, 2011
- Blythe Masters - Food Wars!

  • Why are commodity prices so high?
  • Why is finance such a mess?
  • Why does sugar price double?
  • Why Gold is not so fast?
  • Why are so many money matters up-side-down?

    See Max Kaiser Report, February, 2011. In 28 minutes, it may likely radically change your world view on prices of... everything. World-wide paper chaos. JP Morgan is in a buying mood. Buying all the paper credit can buy!

    Max Kaiser & Stacy Herbert co-host report on fake rice & real inequality... FOOD WARS.

    Second half, Max Kaiser interviews Pierre Jovanovic, French author of "Blythe Masters," the book version about credit default swaps, the Queen of commodities & modern version of French Queen Marie Antoinette.

    Astounding! Blythe Masters has posted her biography, to the exclusion of... Well, see for yourself. JP Morgan "Commodities" = "Blythe Masters"

    Blythe Masters is JP Morgan's head of Global (Hog) Commodities. Responsible for the global integrated physical and financial commodity solutions products, since 2007. She served on the JP Morgan / Chase Executive Committee.

    http://www.maximumtheory.com/blog/archives/2484 - report

    http://mikephilbin.blogspot.com/2011/02/max-keiser-blythe-ma... - 28 minute newsreel film

    • Film 1st half is Stacy Herbert, with insightful charts & FOOD WARS.
    • Film 2nd half is Pierre Jovanovic, French journalist
      • "Blog de l'Apocalypse financière" (Financial Apocalypse)
      • Featuring CDS & other horror adventure tales (seemingly witch craft)
      • Featuring "Blythe Masters" torrid deeds/
        "Blythe Masters" infamous villein.


    Blythe Masters, Biography Posted @ JP Morgan Web Site (she monopolizes the whole page on Commodities with her biography!) - 20 years in financial torrents.

    • 2004 - 2007, chief financial officer, Investment Bank,
    • JP Morgan, Head of Global (Hog) Credit Portfolio & Credit Policy & Strategy
      • Coordinated financial & risk reporting of credit activities.
    • JP Morgan, Head of North American Structured Credit Products and co-head of Asset Backed Securitization
    • Head of Global (Hog) Credit Derivatives Marketing.
    • Her responsibilities included structuring and distribution of credit derivative products and related credit risk management strategies
    • Joined JP Morgan full-time, 1991
    • Interned JP Morgan, beginning 1987

    http://www.JPMorgan.com/pages/jpmorgan/investbk/solutions/co... - Blythe Masters - creator of chaos default swaps (CDS).

    Blythe Masters dreamed up the CDS 20 years ago, as a college intern @ JP Morgan. Now she seeks to by all commodities that paper cash can buy.

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