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Sherrod’s Suit vs. Breitbart Tests Libel Law

Sherrod’s Suit vs. Breitbart Tests Libel Law
Monday, 21 Feb 2011 08:53 AM

By Ben Conery

The defamation lawsuit filed by a former Obama administration official against conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart promises to test the application of traditional libel laws in an emerging media landscape in which blogs and social networking websites have taken the place of newspapers and television broadcasts.

Media and legal observers say the case bears watching because of that, but that it largely will hinge on well-established law and precedents despite its high-tech setting.

"While this is one of the first high-profile blog-based libel suits, the basic underpinning is pretty simple — was the gist of the material posted not substantially true," Jeff Stein, a communications professor at Wartburg College in Iowa who also is a lawyer, wrote in an e-mail to The Washington Times. "I think she can win on that."

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