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"Real Money Bomb" Donate a Dollar Thomas Jefferson's Birthday April 13th 2011

On Thomas Jefferson's Birthday honor his memory by participating in a "Real Money Bomb"

Can you spare a dollar?

Do you know what a dollar is?

Do you have a dollar?

Will you put real cold hard cash on the line and take a stand for constitutional currency?

In case you don't know, a dollar is a silver coin, always has been and always will be. Federal Reserve Notes and bank account balances are simply debt instruments denominated in dollars, but the debtors (the banks) are bankrupt and refusing to pay their obligations in specie so their promises to pay are worth less than 4 cents on the dollar (and falling fast). Take a stand and show your support for an honest monetary system by participating in a "Real Money Bomb" on April 13th, 2011 for Jefferson's Birthday.

Lady Liberty wants you to inform and educate people about this knowledge; it can and will bring Peace and Prosperity if each and every one of us takes it upon ourselves to ask the simple question, "What is a dollar?"

It's worth more than $20.12 in Face Value of Federal Reserve Notes; it only costs a stamp to send, and it sends a strong message of peace and liberty. Why not send a dollar (the cold, hard, silver kind not the empty paper promises proffered by the Federal Reserve), the value of which our founding fathers wrote about in the bill of rights in the seventh amendment; to show support for constitutional money? Do your part, tell everyone, invite them to join in a celebration of the vision of an honest monetary system by sending in a real dollar for the "Real Money Bomb" on April 13th, 2011 for Thomas Jefferson's Birthday.

Here is my letter I am sending along with my coin (a Peace Dollar).

Liberty PAC
P.O. Box 602
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Dear Liberty Political Action Committee,
Enclosed is a dollar, worth over $26 of face value in Federal Reserve Notes. Please use it to help Ron Paul educate people about the difference between dollars and promises to pay dollars i.e. banknotes, bank account balances, and other debt instruments denominated in dollars. This will be the best way to promote the ideals of LIBERTY and PEACE that are minted on this coin and symbolized by lady liberty’s face.
Yours in Freedom,

P.S. Please see Thomas Jefferson’s 1784 “Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit and of a Coinage for the United States” available online through the library of congress(Click here to see actual manuscript) where he stated clearly that "A Dollar is a known coin", and that
"If we determine that a dollar shall be our unit we must then say with precision what a dollar is" For a more comprehensive treatise on the subject read "What is a dollar" by Edwin Vieira)
Check this video out with Adam Kokesh Promoting a similar "Real Money Bomb" Link Adam Kokesh Real Money Bomb

Link Another Adam Kokesh Real Money Bomb video

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Rules exist for a reason

A rule against self bumping exists on this thread.

Perhaps you are not familiar with it. If not, I suggest you get familiar with it:


Enough of the self bumping, please.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Crash JP Morgan Buy a Silver Dollar for Ron Paul!

Do it now before your bank account balances and bank notes become worthless!

A dollar is a silver coin; A Dollar Bill is an evidence of debt

Remind people by donating a real dollar to Ron Paul to honor the memory of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the declaration of independence.

Dollars Vs. Dollar Bills

A dollar is a silver coin, a dollar bill, is a bill of goods, a promise to deliver dollars to the bearer on demand.

Donate a Dollar for Liberty and Peace

A real dollar not a promise to pay a dollar.

What is a dollar?

Answer: A silver coin.

The word originates from German in the 15th century, large silver coins were called Joachimsthaler which became Thaler which became dollar. It was also used to refer to Spanish Pieces of Eight (Piezo de Ocho, Peso). All money is named after silver that I have looked into, the British Pound for example is a troy pound of silver, 12 troy ounces, it has been debased replaced with a fiat system of phony promises to pay pounds.

Silver Dollar Standard

The ultimate in honest valuation

Gold and Silver coin, the only Constitutional Tender

Reality check.

People spend their whole lives chasing dollars without ever stopping to think about what they are. I implore you to educate yourself or others if you already know. Ask the question "What is a Dollar", seek an honest answer unprejudiced by the normalcy syndrome, and you will peel back the thin veneer over the lies upon which the fraud is based.

Dollar=silver coin

It is a simple fact that has been forgotten by the masses.

Gold and Silver money

Gold and silver are tangible, durable, fungible, divisible, portable, liquid, private, and internationally accepted since before the birth recorded history.


Damn the torpedoes! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

Fortune favors the BOLD!


As for me; one 1922 PEACE DOLLAR is headed to Dr Paul in honor of Thomas Jefferson's Birthday to show CREATIVE AND UNIQUE support for Dr Ron Paul.


....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***


Was thinking of this today

I was thinking about this idea today -- the idea of contributing 'real money' to Dr. Paul.

I'm not sure how feasible this is -- nor if it is even legal. The problem will be in cashing in the silver/gold in exchange for FRN's. Campaign finance laws stipulate that a person can only contribute X amount to a campaign. If everyone sends silver to Dr. Paul and then the campaign goes and sells that silver for dollars (possibly to just one person) would that one person then in turn be able to buy and thus donate tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaign?

And this leads into another question. How would the Paul campaign get the money for the silver? Realistically we can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars on a money-bomb day. It would not be unrealistic to expect several thousand ounces to appear on the door step of Dr. Paul.

What exactly is he do to with that? It would be a hassle to quickly sell that much silver. If we started up this idea, we would also need to find a buyer who would be willing to purchase the silver from the campaign (AT SPOT VALUE). We wouldn't want hundreds of people buying the silver, that would be too much work. We would need one or two people tops to buy it all at one time. And like I said, that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And then this leads back into my first point. Would those people then be able to write a check for $75,000 each and then give to the campaign?

While the 'Real-Money' bomb idea sounds good in theory, I'm not sure how practical of an idea this actually is. Maybe we should all just stick with FRN's.

We must educate the people

If the only way to do that is by rocking the boat a little and sending in silver dollars and causing some impracticalities so be it. The more problems it causes the more priceless media attention it would generate. I think you should focus on making this thing go viral before worrying about negatives what "might" happen if it succeeded. If it succeeds it will be a good thing and it will be worth all the trouble.

The point of the whole idea

Is not to be the most practical method of transmitting funds, it is to educate people about the fact that a dollar is a silver coin, while federal reserve notes aka dollar bills are merely promises to pay dollars. Part of the beauty of gold and silver is that they are valuable enough to be portable stores of wealth so the "hassle" of dealing with them is more than made up for by their value. The real money bomb is about honoring the memory of Thomas Jefferson who is rolling over in his grave because of the dishonest unconstitutional ireedeemable banknote monopoly currency

It is a sad day

When someone feels they have to question the legality of donating real lawful constitutional money to a political cause there is a serious problem. That is what this campaign is supposed to address is the schizophrenic thought process that leads a person to question "if it is even legal." Of course it is legal! Furthermore those campaign finance laws refer to the value of dollars, what does that mean? Dollars are silver coins whether people like it or not, and when laws refer to dollars they are referring dollars, whether or not the judges on the court recognize it as such. The seventh amendment says that you have the right to a trial by jury in cases arising under common law where the value in controversy is twenty dollars, congress could not change the definition of a dollar if they wanted to as that would be tantamount to changing the constitution. Furthermore the constitution says that congress shall make no law restricting the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition for redress of grievances so clearly donating real constitutional money to a political campaign is protected speech, again whether sitting judges say so or not. People need to get a clue and realize if Supreme Court Justice's render unconstitutional decisions it is our job to impeach them.

I disagree that we would want to buy it all at once that would be totally against the point of my idea. Each person simply sends $1 in an envelope with a stamp, it couldn't be easier. If you can't get yourself a real dollar and send it in to make a point donate to another money bomb there are plenty other ones around, this one is about educating people that a dollar is a silver coin always has been and always will be. I am sure the Liberty Political Action committee will be happy to deal with the "hassle" of receiving donations of real dollars and dealing with using them in the campaign. There is no problem in cashing in the gold or silver they are simply in kind contributions.

The campaign could also

Use the dollars themselves directly without conversion to bank account balances or bank notes to send a message in support of constitutional currency. You do realize that gold and silver are extremely liquid right?

You can donate all sorts of items (other than FRN's)

There are laws for all that and I am certain the SPLASH it will make allowing Dr Paul to discuss real money and the stupidity of the laws that may or may not create hoops to jump thru as it relates to some of your questions listed above.

People donate cars etc... Give Dr Paul the chance to talk about it all.


....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***

Thank You

For pointing that out

** Maybe you could get

** Maybe you could get around it if everyone sent in a print out of the form that we are required to fill out when we make a donation. Everybody would fill that out and document the number of ounces contributed. When the campaign goes to sell the metal, the two parties would agree on a price and then that price could be divided by the number of ounces sent. This value would then be added to each persons submitted form thereby ensuring that the appropriate person is given credit for their particular donation.

This could probably help get around the 'one or two people purchasing all of the silver from the campaign' aspect, but again -- what a paperwork nightmare for the campaign.

Please stop worrying about this non-issue

you are wasting time that could be spent educating yourself or other people about the facts of the matter so we wouldn't have to be having this nonsensical discussion. A dollar is a silver coin, always has been, and always will be. Go read Thomas Jefferson's words (there are print versions of the manuscript I linked to for effect), the point of this campaign is to honor his memory by advocating for a return of the silver dollar standard. Justice be done though the heavens may fall!

The more donations they recieve

The more they can afford to deal with the "paperwork" it literally pays for itself when people are sending donations, it won't cost the campaign anything we are giving them money the notion that they would not be happy to deal with it is ludicrous


It wouldn't matter because people are only sending $1 each so it is well below reporting requirements

And that doesn't even touch

And that doesn't even touch on the criminal aspect.

'Here everyone, lets send thousands, possibly tens of thousands of ounces of metal to this unsecured facility in Texas all on the same day and lets publicize the delivery of the metals for all the world to see. Yes, hundreds of thousands of dollars in metal all laying around a campaign office on April 15th.'

Yeah.. that's not an invitation for a professional heist. Come on, we've all seen 'Die Hard', 'Ocean's 11' and countless other movies where places are targeted once they are known to contain large stashes.

Yeah, I'm thinking this sounds great in theory, but horrible in reality.

Umm yeah

The post office is a pretty secure way to send things you can even insure it if you desire. Obviously the Paul campaign can afford the security if they end up getting that many donations to where that becomes an issue. Plus lets say something does happen that will only mean more media attention which is the whole point genius.

You can look at my earlier ideas

from months ago that would have taken care of much of what you are saying... I was trying to get a gold/silver company where we could 'donate' thru them in either FRNs, gold or silver and they would just be the broker.

I really don't see an issue yet if there IS a problem, what a great way for Dr Paul to point out the need for Monetary Competition and the End of the Fed!

Lets do it!

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

***wants are unlimited, means are scarce...***


We need a return to the silver dollar standard, the people's standard.