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How many people are struggling financially here on Daily Paul, and who has job openings available to help them?

This just flashed across my brain for some reason, and maybe you can leave a location for your job opening. We need to stick together and help one another if we can. Peace.

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I see a lot of people on here

I see a lot of people on here build websites. I could use help with one for a business I'm starting. Real simple site that shows prices of services offered and a contact form. I want to eventually do it myself but this person could maybe help me with a simple template that I can alter as I please and some consulting. Nothing major.

Columbus, Ohio

Any takers?

Any takers?

Columbus, Ohio

MySQL Tables

Here's a post I responded to:

I am looking for a Python Programmer that can parse large log files and summarize them in MySQL tables. It's not a huge job, but there may be more after that.

We specialize doing SMS & emails messages for PACs.


I offered to do it for FREE and received NO RESPONSE. I think it's a bunch of BS. 26 years of programming/consulting, voted for Paul before most of you knew his name, and I'm a fellow DPer.

You guys are jacking us around.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

I'd like to earn a bit more

I'd like to earn a bit more to squirrel away some silver for the upcoming inflation we're likely to see.

I build websites using PHP/MySql, expert at Drupal, do SEO and social networking, content creation, some graphics (used to be great but the Photoshop skills are a bit rusty these days).

Would love to get involved with any websites related to the cause of RP and pro-Liberty!


Does anyone here have experience in information security? This would be security of physical infrastructures as well as virtual security of information databases?

The reason I ask is because my cousin is an ex-sheriff in AZ and has a new security company. They are very good at physical security of locations but the need for information security is so great that he is very interested in incorporating that market.

thanks for posting this

20+ years mgmt experience

environmental, business development, forestry, medical logistics business sectors

prior military experience as operations officer

bachelors/biology, stetson university

advanced training at MIT

real estate principles, practices and law

wetlands certified, stormwater/sedimentation inspector

licensed environmental professional

I am looking for work. Any leads, please email wildboar@mindspring.com and I will provide further details.

I have a job part/full time for anyone anywhere

YOu say you like web. Here is something you can do for me in any place in US. I pay 15% commissions. and if you want to help on the web designs and things like that more. What I do is marketing advertising. I go to businesses and give a demo on google mobile advertising. I charge so much for setup and a monthly fee. I have different packages to offer the smallest is 300 and 400, My special now is 1500 and 500 monthly. But for some area I believe I could charge higher rates. Let me ask you what are the things people take with them when they leave there homes?

keys, wallet, phone.

perty soon only keys and phone.

Do people look at newspaper any more? How about TV with tivo taking out ads, How about phone directories.

I can offer them 90& viability of there ads. and almost instantaneously, To their customers. Lets say they are having a slow day at the hair saloon they have 10 workers standing around doing nothing. Now in 10 minutes they can have customer knocking at their door when say they advertise if you come in. in the next 30 minutes hair cuts $3.00 60 minutes $4 etc.

No money needed having a laptop would be the best but can be down without. Must have some skills in computer though. For you would have to communicate to me on one. Cell phone help and smart phones help more but not necessary, You can go to a library and use computers or colleges.

I also have guarantees for businesses lets say they put up 511,000 more I will with in the year perchase %33,000 in gift certificates from them to resell. For $%1,000 I would guarantee them $200,000 in buying their gift certificates over one year for reselling them.

If interested contact me.

May GOD Bless each and everyone.
I pray that God may see that Ron Paul will not be hurt or wounded, that he may become our next full two term President of the united States of America!

Side work opportunity that could blossom into more

Hello all,

Long time DP reader and this thread has prompted me to signup for an account.

I have a few projects either in process or need to be started that I need help with. I'm looking for a graphic/web designer and versatile programmer (unix scripting, web, mobile, etc). If only one of those describe your skills that is fine but both gets you bonus points.

Contact me via my shinny new DP account with details about yourself. Resumes are fine, pointers to actual work I can see are even better while degrees are worth little to me.

I have a feeling these projects will interest most DP readers so it should be fun rather than drudge work while putting some extra food on the table or in storage.


Sales for Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating is the pest control company and not a marketing company (Google us). That’s how we can guarantee quality service for your accounts. Additionally, fewer salespeople per office means our people have more area to work and individual time with our expert trainers. The best service, the best training, and smaller more organized offices, it is no wonder our salespeople sell the most accounts, and make the most money.

Bulwark has offices in the following cities, and their surrounding communities:

Austin, Texas
San Antonio Texas
Houston, Texas
Mesa, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Charlotte, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina
Atlanta, Georgia
Las Vegas, Nevada
St. George, Utah
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Contact info:


Need a Drupal/Front-end Web Developer/Musician?

Hey ya'll, I'm currently a part-time employee serving up delicious sandwiches to the hungry folks in Downtown Chicago. You may remember me from that composition/video I made and posted awhile back at DP.

I've been doing web development since 2000 and am completely self-taught and motivated. During my time at the University of Northern Iowa, I worked as the Student Web Developer for four years where I used Drupal extensively and attended many training sessions. Below is a list of my skills.


  • Planning and building a drupal site structure (i.e. content types, taxonomy, views, frontpage, essentially how the content works together from an end-user standpoint to the editor's standpoint);
  • Transitioning small to large static sites to Drupal;
  • Theming (usually use Zen or Basic);
  • Experience with both Drupal 6 and 7;
  • Modules I am familiar with:

Other Skills:

  • Working knowledge of Javascript - can adapt already written scripts but I'm not familiar programming in Javascript - I would like to learn more though along with jQuery
  • Some programming experience: mainly PHP - I've done some form validation php scripts and understand the concept of programming - will show samples if requested
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver:
    • Convert PSD/AI files to websites
    • Design and convert PSD/AI files to websites
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE6-present, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Testing for blind users/coding for blind users and doing color blind tests of designs


  • I am the middle person who can design and do a little programming, meaning, for example, I don't have to bother the programmer to change the output of a text field.
  • I can take your table-layout/non-standards compliant code and make it tableless and standards compliant (usually strict)
  • My web design aesthetic tends to run towards simple but beautiful websites

I live in Chicago and cannot relocate but can work long distance and do some minor traveling if absolutely necessary.

E-mail: cb@courtiebee.com

One sample you can look at: http://www.uniyal.org/sites/all/themes/uniyal/logo.png

This is the logo/stamp of UNIYAL (University of Northern Iowa's Young Americans for Liberty chapter). The website is a current project of mine and this was part of my design for it.

I can provide references, resume and samples of designs and code upon request.

Musically, if you're in the Chicago area and need a pianist (accompanist), composer/arranger (will do religious services), please let me know. Even if there's no money involved and you just want to jam!

Alaska is good IF

you are not native Alaskan. Among native Alaskan the unemployment rate is about 50%. With all the outsiders
coming here it will only get worse. The past 2 years have been my worst since the post pipeline days ('70s) for my painting and drywall business. I went to a big construction site on Ft. Wainwright last week and was told I need to speak Spanish. Talk about bogus! I can still hunt, fish and gather berries so I will make it. I will just miss contributing to the "money bombs" for the time being.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

$25,000 in income every year? For 30 years? For me?

Question: How much would you pay today, ... so you could just sit back and receive $25,000 in income every year, say for 30 years?

That's over $750,000 in easy income in 30 years!

Just think how nice that would be. Where would you go? What would you do? Who could you help in times of need?

Moreover, what if the money you paid to receive that $25,000 income, was fully protected and secured by nice apartment building, itself absolutely free of any debt and appraised many times more than you ever invested?

Yes, a deal that good. How much would you pay for that?

If you answered $100,000.... and have the funds to invest, then please contact me personally. You of course realize that "Equity Opportunities" like this are hard to find and do not last long. But they do happen, yes we do have them, and yes we jump on them very fast.

You are wise to ask, just how many of these "Equity Opportunities" do you have right now? Well I confess, only two. One small one that calls for $100,000 cash, the other, well we'll talk.

For those who just like to keep it simple and short, we do have 1 year Notes for secured private lenders. This is good for people seeking a Good Interest Rate on their money earning say,... 8% 10% or even 12%. So Yes, we can help with that too, once you've filled out our simple application and have been approved as a Secured Private Lender.

Yes you are right, a Secured Private Lender can beat the banks 1 year CD rates! And, are banks even safe these days? Just what is going on in this economy?

Please contact us when you are ready to make money.

In peace & liberty,

** Now For those looking for work. Do you understand the two products above? If you do, we are looking for a "Director of Private Lending". It is a 100% sales position that earns up to 3% of the sale. You eat when you complete the sale. You must be super friendly, very honest & trustworthy and most of all, a happy person. You must be able to work from home, online, and make 25 phone calls a day, saying the above. You must be able to execute our letters and email campaigns, and then have excellent phone follow-up skills to real in and close the deal. We have websites and PowerPoint to walk the client through the simple processes. Don't worry, we will provide to you the names, addresses, and numbers of the individuals who we want you to contact (Spare your friends and family). No this is not an Amway thing, if you thought that, stop reading. Most of all, those potential clients that you contact will LIKE receiving your call and getting your written information. You are the SOLUTION to their PROBLEM. Yes, we are SEC compliant. Yes you will build a 3-touch relationship with them and after their application, once approved, then we can get on to specific equity investments and secured private lending opportunities. Moreover, all of their monies get directed not to you, nor to us, but to escrow title companies so that everything is documented properly and properties & Notes & Deeds of Trust are assigned. Most of all, you'll earn up to 3% upon each sale, and receive your check straight from escrow. How much do we seek to raise for all our individual projects? $10,000,000. What is 3% of of that? You do the math.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Affordable medicine, etc...

We are an international network for discount prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements and pet meds.

See web address below.

Least I can do.

I will donate lotes 3600 sq. feet 45x80 located in Wanderley, Bahia, Brazil. There is a total of 50 lotes. The plan is to have a circle of 37 lotes and a second inner cirle of 13 lotes on my property. (To represent the 50 States). There will be a common area in the middle of the area for a market square and meeting place.
If you are interested in viewing the area on Google Earth the coordinates are; 12''07'33.96 S 43''49'33.89 W.
The dirt road to the east of these coordinates is the road where the 37 lotes will be accessed and is the entrance to the property. The property has a total of 669 hectares, and is 9 miles from the nearest town of Wanderley city. People can see the roof top of a small house where the caretaker of the property stays, (12"07'38.77 S 43"49'23.53 W).

How far away is that from

How far away is that from Salvador Bahia?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

tasmlab's picture

My company is hiring

Hi everyone.

One of my companies is hiring. I'd gladly take resumes from anywhere (the job is work at home/virtualized). While I'd love to work daily with liberty-loving folk, I still must follow free market principles in hiring and firing, prioritizing value and work performance over worldview. (not sure if this came out right)

Here's the ad:


Currently consuming: Harry Browne, Free Domain Radio; JT Gatto and Holt; Wii U

I have been

Out of work for 2 years now. Here in North West Missouri everyone seems to be in the same boat. 20+ percent unemployment here.

All the casinos

in the Pacific Northwest are hiring. These are mostly part time jobs and not worth moving to the area, but if you are already living in this area, the jobs are available and usually lead to full time employment.

My friend

has a housecleaning/boat cleaning business in Las Vegas. They pay pretty well and the phone no is 702-365-6243.


I own a web software company called Leyef Networks. I am personally struggling myself, launching a tech start up and working another sales job just to make ends meat. Right now, my bank account has $5 in it. I'm in a real tight spot.

However, there is light at the end of this tunnel. We are just about to launch the first version of our software, a hyper local site for every city in the US (to start). We have some exciting developments.

I need:

Software engineers and project managers to help push our team along. Currently we have 2 internal programmers and 1 external via www.odesk.com.

I also need sales people all across the country as we expand and scale our service nationally.

Essentially what we do is create custom city websites for cities at a cost that is roughly 90% cheaper than most competitors, and deliver it in a matter of a week or two, instead of months and months.

Its going to be amazing and I am reaching out to YAL and my fellow citizens who want to change the direction of our nation. If you are a programmer/PM/copywriter/designer feel free to email me to inquire further. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this company.

This is the first time I have ever posted jobs or whatever for my company. We have been developing our software for about a year now and have spent countless hours coding thousands of lines of code for the backbone of our system.

Fellow talented, motivated, liberty oriented friends, contact me at:


And let's bring Liberty to the world using software and the power of community.

God Bless,
Andrew Curran
President, Leyef Networks

any android/iphone savvy programmers?

im an artist and always looking to team up with a programmer to make the next hit game idea a reality! developer entry points are very open on these new mobile app markets!

Ideas man looking for investor/partner

I’ve fallen on hard times. In these past two years I’ve lost my business, my wife, my nest egg, my friends (or those who I thought were friends) and now I’m about to lose my house of 14+ years. If only I played the guitar and had a dog who died, I could write a country song to try and turn this thing around. Alas, my humor is still intact.

I’m experienced with and looking for work in web project management or procurement. My real passion and talent however is coming up with novel ideas for new products or services in varying scope and markets. I realize how that must sound but this is no joke and I have the figures to back it up. All I need is that one break. So if you or someone you know possesses the experience and skills to turn a great idea (small or big) into profit we need to talk. Chances are excellent I have something you’re going to love. I live in the San Francisco bay area.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


I thought I had it bad.

Have you looked to the Seattle area for a job?

They keep crying around here they don't have people with your skills.

Anyone with IT experience

I have a job working at an IT support center. My company hires every once in a while. Its a desk job. Answer phones but it pays decent if you're good at helping people solve IT problems quickly. Good communication skills are a must. Have to have phone and customer service experience. Experience with supporting multiple programs, resetting passwords, must learn quickly as theres so much to take in it can be overwhelming. If you live in Florida in or around the Orlando area I can see if/when we're hiring and hit you up to send in a resume if you want. Theres also a desk located near Dallas Texas so if you live near either one you may be a candidate for a position.

I'm looking for reps around the country

If any of you folks are looking for some work I've got a product that I need some help finding storefronts for. Compensation can be barter or cash. I'm looking for persons to make contact with local tobacco shops, gift emporiums etc., make contact with the manager and direct them to me.


Direct inquiries to: bmgpipes@gmail.com

Cool pipe!

Cool pipe!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

hey djp

check your email

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

HVAC/R is a solid line of work.

if anyone is considering it, I will do my best to be helpful. I am a self employed service technician to be exact. I do not do construction type work.[well, sometimes]
I will also help anyone who is involved in the operation, purchasing and maintenance of this equipment.
ice machines, walk in coolers/freezers,heat pumps, boilers.etc.

Looking for Advice

I've been laid off and am looking for a new opportunity. I'm a smart guy - pardon me for blowing my own horn but I am way above Mensa - Mensa requires one to be at the 98th percentile. I come in at 99.7 percentile according to the CTMM. I have degrees, BA or better, in Research Analysis, Business Administration (MBA) and in Psychology. I was about to finish another degree in Computer Science but being a young father I couldn't afford to stay in school any longer. That's way in the past now. The old languages I've learned are way out of date - but I've heard of people who are able to make decent living working from anywhere and programming via notebook and internet. Can anybody give me any advice on what languages are in demand and how someone might do this. I ca pick anything up if given a little time. But which direction should I head? Evidently (according to other posts) Python ISN'T an especially important language to learn. Sounds like we have a lot of programmers here. Can anyone give any advice to a fellow Paulite?

For what it's worth..

Be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming a self-taught programmer a.k.a "hack". Learning a language is one thing, but learning to build something of high quality with it is another thing completely. I've been interviewing people for 2 job openings in my group for almost 2 years now with no qualified/quality candidates (company is even willing to pay decent money). Some candidates rate themselves a 9/10 in a language, and fail to know basic language fundamentals - they are hacks and that does not play well.

My 2 cents worth, if you are gonna put the work in to learn something try to find out where it is going and learn to use it in the current ways. If you want to learn Javascript, then be familiar with some popular toolkits (jQuery/YUI/etc). For MySQL learn to create tables w/different locking schemes, transaction support, indexes, normalized design, etc. Whatever language you teach yourself, be sure to learn how to use it to build OO components - I know that stuff is sometimes overrated, but it will definitely help you to know that in an interview.

Also, if you have experience in a particular industry then find out what technologies are popular there and consider those first. Then you get some benefit from your past business experience as well if you interview for IT jobs serving an industry you already know.