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Qadhafi's Son: America plans Libya invasion

In an address to Libyans,

Seif Al-Islam Qadhafi says they are in the midst of a democratic revolution. Says their Army was not properly trained on how to disperse a crowd and made a mistake. Says the 84 dead is nothing by comparison of the civil war that will ensue for decades from clan-infighting over the only source of material wealth that Libya has -- oil. Also predicts immediate hyperinflation, suggests leaving the country, and that for those who stay, can expect to see Europeans and Americans to enter Libya by force via NATO.

Read the entire transcript here: http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/2818.htm

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Baghdadi Mahmoudi is the US whore that started the riots

then had them attacked! This is what was released on Jan 31:


The videos did show they were chanting against Mahmoudi.

I really like Saif Al Islam

he wants to be a reformer and create a better constitution, but the head of their Parliament wants to sell out to the US. He isn't anti US, he just doesn't want to be absorbed by them. What people don't understand is that parliament gives the orders to the military, not Al Gathafi.

Saif was dismissed from leading an organization that promoted free press in Libya mostly when he took an anti US stance in public statements. 20 of the reporters that worked for his newspaper were arrested for writing articles critical od Parliament and their codling the US government. He is evtremely popular with the younger folks



Your link to the transcript does not work.

link updated


all this sounds to me

like more weakening of the middle east economies to make our dollars look better and get us cheaper oil so it doesn't look like inflation is having such a big impact

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As violence escalates, Libya cuts off the Internet

IDG News Service - With violence escalating, Libya is pulling the plug on its Internet connection.

Libya's main Internet service provider, General Post and Telecommunications Company, began to cut Internet access on Friday, said Earl Zmijewski, general manager with Internet monitoring company Renesys. "They started pulling the plug around 23:18 UTC today and are currently largely off the air," he said via e-mail. That was 1:18 a.m. Saturday, local time.


Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

From Anderson Cooper 360 CNN

Gadhafi's Son in Oct met privately with Influential US Newspapers and spoke at CFR - Barbara Walters


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I dont like that

one bit.

My ears perked up

when She said it.

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If any NATO countries

come to Libya it won't be to help the people that are being slaughtered...we are not in the Liberation business. The U.S. and our coalition of the bribed and threatened only invades or intervenes if there is something to be gained such as money, natural resources, a location for military bases etc. In fact we won't even send them weapons and ammo to defend themselves...because we don't care.