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Did raising huge one day sums of money win us the election last time?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for funding RP's trips and speaking appearances, but thinking money bombs will accomplish our goal is not learning from history. Campaign contributions alone will not get Ron Paul the two things he needs most to win, which are fair and honest treatment from the controlled media, and legit vote counting in the primaries/general election. Ron Paul needs to put together a video exposing the lies and manipulative tactics that the "news" networks have used against him. Ron Paul needs to lead a peaceful demonstration outside of every major station. He has called for civil disobedience before, so why doesn't he lead the way like Martin Luther King did? We are gullible to think that all the same tricks and tactics will not be used again in this election, like the most recent Fox CPAC fakery. It's time for new ideas and strategies that logically will work.

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Ron Paul is doing exactly as

Ron Paul is doing exactly as he should be doing. This amazing man fills all his time with an unbelievable amount of work, traveling, writing books and articles, giving lectures and appearances, drafting bills and other congress responsibilities, campaigning, media appearances and so much more. Frankly, I don't know how he does it all - he must have super human powers. Ron Paul picks his battles carefully. I've noticed that he has several pet concerns that he focuses on like the Fed and the wars. He has a couple second tier concerns he harps on, like the CIA. He can't do everything and focus on every topic or ill in the world. If there is something else to be done, isn't it up to us to do that something?

Raising money may not win an election but it sure gets attention and spreads awareness for our cause. Ron Paul may not have won the presidency, but he sure got the prize on message and philosophy. He may not always be credited for it, but he is at the helm of changing the discourse and focus in this country. I suspect that he is happier than he has ever been because his ideas and message have been vindicated, validated, and are now supported by us. He knows that these seeds have the chance of restoring freedom - maybe through an election-and I will love it when he is our president...or maybe something even grander will happen. I know my money wasn't wasted supporting his campaign even though he didn't "win". We won because the message of Freedom is out there more than ever. Ron Paul may not have run a perfect campaign and we all had our gripes about different aspects and how many things could have been done better and more efficiently, but I am really impressed with what he has done and his vision. Putting together C4L and YAL was ingenious. There are many things to be done and the grassroots needs to get to it.

I never said...

don't raise the money! I said did it win us the election! We still need the money, for travel, expenses, and promotion, but that alone will NEVER accomplish the goals we have. We will never gain our freedom by JUST educating people again in 2012. Peaceful demonstrations along the lines of what MLK did can and will work. RP is a leader. Not a leader of you and me, but a leader in the cause of liberty.

So your saying

we shouldn't raise money for Ron Paul, and just sit around and wait to picket in front of news stations? Yep that will win elections. How about we just do everything we possibly can, and everything we are asked to do by the man himself. On top of that we will do our individual sign waving and work on the streets.

I'm not sure what you mean about not "learning from history", or if your just a negative Nancy, but I know for a fact that Ron Paul doesn't have a chance in hell if we don't raise big cash. So bombs away, anytime and every time there is a chance.

Besides, how many of your great ideas don't involve needing cash? Nobody here is ignorant enough to believe that having money bombs will get anyone elected, ultimately it is up to Ron Paul himself. I myself would appreciate not being talked to like I'm retarded. Thank you.

Well, it was worth more than the money, itself.

Did raising huge one day sums of money win us the election last time?

We all know this, here, right? The media earned from the money bombs was worth 10x the money. End of story.

Winning an election is boring compared with educating the public and opening their eyes!

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"We all know this, here, right? The media earned from the money bombs was worth 10x the money. End of story."

....and the media manipulation and attacks nullified any chance of Ron Paul winning. They wouldn't even let him into the debate when Rudy was and he had less support! Why do you think the media will be nice this time? They won't. They are controlled by their elite masters who are in it to make as much money as possible. Ron Paul is a threat to their wealth and power. Just wait until they bust out the old RP is a racsist attacks. How about earmarks, medals for Rosa parks, or isolationism. Now is the time to control the conversation, from the start. We can't let the tricks and the sick laughter to influence our fellow Americans opinins of RP.

"Winning an election is boring compared with educating the public and opening their eyes!"

Winning the election is EVERYTHING! Educating the public is the means in which to achieve it. Do you want freedom or do you want every American to be educated and still totally controlled?

There is no silver bullet

Money alone won't win an election. Ross Perot proved that. But words alone won't, either. Neither will demonstrations.

We have come a long way from 2007 when the question was "Ron Who?" Money sure helped.

Honestly, if he runs, he will

Honestly, if he runs, he will need the money for commercials. Sadly, this is how people learn about candidates. Advertisements can make or break people and they cost $$$$$!

I agree with you but if the money is spent wisely on things that get the word out, then yes, it's needed to win!

Commercials don't matter...

when you have rigged elections do they?

No - But it made Ron Paul a household name when before...

...very few Americans (including me) had no clue about him or his message (which had been going on for decades).

Let's face reality...The rotted republican party will never allow Dr. Paul to be nominated. They will annoint another Neo-Con, war-monger who won't get elected anyway.

But this campaign (if he runs) will be about getting Ron Paul's philosophy onto an even bigger stage than in 2008.

He will be back in the republican debates and will further expose republican lies, tricks and platform of non-liberty on a world-wide forum.

He will explain how corporitism is as bad as welfare, the difference between a military budget and a defense budget, and how our foreign aid is basically just funding arms races around the world.

He knows that ironically his biggest fight will be against HIS OWN PARTY...But that he is probably the ONLY republican who COULD beat Obama due to his cross-party support.

That is why I contributed to the money bomb and why all liberty-loving individuals should do the same.

And it's why I will do it again.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Of Course not. This is a

Of Course not.

This is a strawman argument. Funny you should start this thread when Gary North addressed this very issue yesterday at LRC.


As for your suggestions, that is for you to do. You get up and create a video exposing the lies being told. If you want something done then you should do it. RP has his hands full and that's that.

Of course the same tactics will be used, but they didn't stop him from winning last time. Last time was about introducing him and us to the venue of American National Politics. Like it or not, it takes time.

In hockey they say that the playoffs are a process. You learn how to win the Stanley Cup by losing to a more experienced team. Guess what, politics is similar, you have to do the hard work of not only showing up the first time or when it matters to you but showing up over and over again proving to people that you are serious about the change you want to bring.

This thread is a non-starter. Stop whining and go do something.


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accurate in your assessment. Great comment.

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"Ron Paul needs to X"

no he doesn't. You need to X.

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I have done X and Y and Z

1)sign waving in my meetup group(sometimes in the cold rain and snow)
2)organized and built an awesome RP float for our local Christmas Parade.
3)have made videos
4)have given money
5)educated people in the streets about Ron Paul
6)had realtives turn on me. (fox news watchers)

Don't tell me I need to do more. I will continue fighting for the cause of libert forever. The media is corrupt propaganda and the elections are rigged. Until Rp supporters understand these two facts we will always fail.