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Dover - Ron Paul Headed To New Hampshire

Ron Paul to be guest speaker at Republican Committee dinner on March 25 in Dover

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DOVER — The newly formed Dover Republican Committee has arranged for Congressman Ron Paul to be their guest speaker at their inaugural Lincoln-Reagan dinner on March 25. This will be Paul's first visit to New Hampshire of the 2011-2012 election cycle.

The Texas congressman is widely assumed to be contemplating another run for President, and has a considerable base of support in New Hampshire from four years ago. Paul was the second place finisher of the WMUR straw poll at the Republican annual meeting, and enjoys support among both TEA Party Republicans and Independents.

"We're thrilled the Congressman chose to attend as our special guest," said Chris Buck, chairman of the Dover Republican Committee. "Congressman Paul has a history of advancing innovative ideas about the role of government, and we are looking forward to hearing what he has to say. This is a big deal for Dover Republicans."

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I'll be there I hope.

I'll be there I hope.

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Game on!

Game on!

All I know is...........

After the last primary, I thought New Hampshire should have changed their state motto.


"Northern Massachusetts! We hate Massachusetts....we do! We swear! We moved here from there and then ruined this state."

It's not very good but...that's what it is.

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

Are the free staters going to register Republican this time?

I think the Free State movement is great, and so is the libertarian and anarchist movements but I have no idea how they figure Ron Paul has a chance to win the primary if they don't at least temporarily switch their party.

I think it's going to be another no contest unless there's a major push for people to switch their party enough time before the primary.

Anyone have any insight about registration in New Hampshire and the perspective of those who refuse to switch their party to vote in the primary?

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No need for Undeclared to change

All we do here is take any party ballot, and right after voting, sign a form changing our party back to Undeclared. IIRC, most FSP members are Undeclared, but some are not even registered at all. NH is something like 42% Undeclared.