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Salute To The Brave People of Libya!


* Border controlled by anti-Gaddafi gunmen

* One witness says Benghazi "liberated" Saturday

* Armed vigilantes welcoming, flick V-for-victory sign

By a Reuters Correspondent

ROAD TO TOBRUK, Libya, Feb 22 (Reuters) - The Libyan side of the Egyptian border was controlled on Tuesday by anti-Gaddafi rebels armed with clubs and Kalashnikov rifles who welcomed visitors from Egypt, a Reuters correspondent who crossed into Libya reported.

One held up a picture of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, upside down, and defaced with the words "the butcher tyrant, murderer of Libyans", the correspondent said when passing through the town of Musaid, just inside the Libyan side of the border. The men were welcoming and waved cars through.

Egypt's army said Libyan border guards had been withdrawn, with Libya's side of the border controlled by "people's committees", without giving details of their allegiance...


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