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Alexa.com Undercounting Stats/Traffic To My Website -- I am Fed Up

Ok I just had enough of this.
http://www.alexa.com/ continues to undercount the traffic and hits stats to my website http://www.libertypoet.com/

In the past I was thinking it's just some temporary glitch or something.
But this morning when I saw using webalizer that my site had 7,151 hits yesterday and seeing that alexa continues to screw my stats I have to say enough is enough.

Is there an honest yet popular stats counting website out there?

I work very hard and I do not deserve to have people see the big lie that my website stats/traffic are falling!
My site is the only news site that has a banner on Daily Paul (Big Thanks Michael Nystrom).

Thank you for reading my lunch time rant.
I better get back to work posting some informative articles for the Daily Paul community.


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Are you comparing apples to apples?

There are different stats that counters look at.

Your ISP should also offer a stats package you can look at via your site admin login.

You should see stats on in order from largest to smallest number:

  • Hits - a request for a resource. (loading one page may get you many hits, one for the page, one for the CSS file, one for each embedded font if any, one for each graphic element that is a separate file (not part of the CSS) meaning images, pictures, etc. and so on.)
  • Page Views - How many separate pages of your site have been viewed. If the site has only one page, this would be equivalent to Visitors.
  • Visitors - How many times your site was accessed by a browser in one browser session. If your site doesn't set cookies, or has session cookies (cleared after the browser closes) then if you load your site, then shut down the browser, then reload the site, you count as TWO visitors. If you load the site in multiple browsers, you count as multiple visitors.
  • Unique Visitors - Unique IP addresses that accessed your site. This eliminates the double counting from the other stats and is what people would more likely think of when they are interested in traffic stats to know how many people are visiting their pages, when, and for how long, and what they are viewing. (those other substats I just mentioned are usually available from any stat package provided by ISPs such as AWStats)

You hear people talk about "hits" most often because originally, this was closer to uique visitors when a web site was just a single page and there was little or no graphics. Each page had counters to tell you which ones were being viewed more. This was the easiest way for people who had no access to the server to know their traffic.

That was back in the early 90's but unfortunately webpages describing these techniques are still floating around so people find them and use them.

The more modern method of stats for web sites is much more nuanced and detailed.

Hence the descriptions above I gave you.

I'm not familiar with Alexa but I'd bet your looking at visitors or unique visitors and wondering why it is less than hit count webalizer is giving you. This is perfectly normal and expected behavior. It HAS to be less. Because each user will make multiple requests when loading a page and thus hits will ALWAYS (save a one page site with no graphics at all) be larger than page views, visitors, and unique visitors.

So, I'm not sure if this is your case, or the apples to apples really shows a lower number.

If so, then my only other question would be, why are you concerned anyway?

Stat counters are generally a tool for web admins.

They are somewhat useful for gauging the popularity of the site or sub pages to assist with managing the site.

They are also somewhat useful for pegging the value of screen real estate for advertising purposes.

If that latter is your main concern, and Alexa really is undercounting unique visitors, then just use someone else who counts accurately. (I use Google Stats for my company site and it always matches my ISPs numbers but shows me info specific to Google activity)

For the admin stuff, I use my ISP provided numbers.

You should not have to pay for a stat package with your ISP. It should be part of the package.

Thank you

"Your ISP should also offer a stats package you can look at via your site admin login"

yes I check all my stats there very carefully every morning and comparing them every day with alexa's stats on almost every level shows most of the time alexa's are lower or much lower.

Another thing is alexa shows that 11 other sites are linking to mine -- BS at least 20 sites that I know have links to my site.

A friend who helps me with my site told me a long time ago not to trust alexa.

So Thank God I know the truth using my free webalizer -- but the people point out to me "your stats on alexa are low".

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Interesting. I wonder what their motivation is for

doing so.

Or maybe their software is just bad and doesn't count properly.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. For sure, if they are under reporting what your own web server is reporting, I wouldn't bother with them any longer.

Are you paying them for stat counts, or did you just come across that their counts are low?

Seems that if you are paying for some sort of package, you can use your webserver stats to demand an explanation from them.