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MSNBC - Ron Paul Raises $700,000.00 Dollars In 24 Hours!

Good to see it being covered and acknowledged by the mainstream liberal media.


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Hey MSM!

Get a clue or two: the guy hasn't even declared he's running and he wins the CPAC poll AND raises 700 Large without breaking a sweat. Looks like he's the guy to beat to me!

That sum-beech Ron Paul CAN win, wankers!

I'm sure glad they didn't say "bomb!"

Blitz might be even more aggressive than "bomb."
Trying to be PC...

Military .
an overwhelming all-out attack, especially a swift ground attack using armored units and air support.
an intensive aerial bombing.
...The town was blitzed mercilessly by enemy planes.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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ahh that's so sad

I guess we blew our loads in 08. S
hould find Trevor ,Lyman?
the guy who arranged the money bombs in 08.



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He's the man with the message....

We need slogans stat- sign b0mbs need to happen early and often after he announces (maybe the 12th of every month?)

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what video did LPAC release saying Ron'd announce?

Did I miss this, or are their sources mistaken?

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Just up and mentioned Ron Paul and that he's "heading to New Hampshire". No mention of the $700,000.

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she called it a "money

she called it a "money blitz"... LOL, what, "bomb"'s not PC anymore?


scared of talking about bombs


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don't say "blitz" on an

don't say "blitz" on an airplane


and stuck, Youtube is censoring it.

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No. This is standard for all

No. This is standard for all videos as a prevention against bots. I have a lot of issues with YouTube but censoring is not one of them.

Actually, I do have issues

Actually, I do have issues with YouTube censorship. The viewcount hold is standard, but they do censor heavily on taboo subjects, deleting videos and entire accounts at will.

ok so what does it mean

with 301 views and 200 comments?

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The comment and like/dislike

The comment and like/dislike stats update immediately, but the views # can take over 6hrs to update past the 3** views. I don't know the exact reason for this but I know it happens on all youtube videos. I've seen many youtube videos with 1000+ comments and only 3** views.

I've Suspected This But How Do We Prove It?

Maybe everyone, who watches it post something on here after you've viewed it and we'll see if the ticker moves. I'm going to watch it now.

Last time around, nobody had

Last time around, nobody had heard of Ron Paul, and still he was able to leave an impression. Things are going to get very interesting when he announces his plan to run. He is 10 times bigger and popular now and will blow away the rest of the republicans. Sarah Palin does NOT stand a chance. Nor does Mitt Romney.

This is remarkable!

And he hasn't even announced his candidacy yet!


I think the money bombs are going to be huge this time around. If this latest one is any indication of an off year election fundraiser, everyone will want to be part of them

One more time, Dr. Paul.

You are needed now more than ever!


Ron Run.

Good catch.