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TSA Scanners Repeatedly Fail To Detect Handguns In Testing


The TSA’s naked body scanners have once again failed to detect a concealed handgun that was taken through security lines at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport multiple times in covert tests.

A female TSA worker had concealed a pistol in her bra as she walked through the radiation firing body scanners, yet no agents stopped her even once despite walking the gun through “many times” in tests last weekend, according to reports.

The information was leaked to NBC News by a TSA insider

“In this case, where they had a test, and it was just a dismal failure as I’m told,” said Larry Wansley, former head of security at American Airlines. “As I’ve heard (it), you got a problem, especially with a fire arm.”

None of the TSA agents who failed to spot the gun on the scanned image were disciplined, according to the TSA source. In fact they continue to operate the machines and have not even been placed on other duties or been scheduled to take further training.

The TSA would not directly address the claims, and instead issued the following statement...