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PBS Frontline: The Revolution in Cairo - 9pm ET

This will be one of the last things I watch on TV. My cable contract expires on the 26th, and I'm going to dump the tube, along with my land line. I don't use it enough to justify the expense, and I can't really afford it anyway. This will bring my monthly bill down from $109 to just $32 for high speed internet.

ANYWAY, I generally like Frontline, though I realize it is part of the Controlled Media Complex. It will be interesting to see their take. What do you guys think? The show comes on at 9pm. I'm not sure if it is streamed live, but it will be available in the archive later.

Info here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/revolution-in-cairo/...

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I gave up cable, but I didn’t give up TV

I gave up cable, but I didn’t give up TV.

Now I have an HD antenna (no monthly fee) for PBS, local news and weather.

Next, I purchased a KU-Band satellite dish and receiver for under $200 (no monthly fee). The dish receives Russia Today, Al Jezeera (English), Iranian Press TV (English) and many foreign language TV stations, coverage of recent events in the middle east have been uncensored and graphic.

This dish also receives radio stations like GCN Network with Alex Jones and other stations with Jeff Rense, etc.

If you purchase a motor for your dish (under $100) you will also receive China’s CCTV (English), a French News Network in English and many US local CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC stations.

They seem to have bent backwards

to remove the US connection with Mubarak. Typical PBS.

Let us know how it was

They have done some amazing specials...

Check out http://iroots.org/
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We canceled our cable also

But they don't seem to in a hurry to shut it off so I guess we can sit through an hour of PBS.

+ 1

Thanks Michael.

Good to see you dump the tv addiction
I keep my tv with no cable just 3 free channels
mostly just for watching NHL hockey & late night news + weather.

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Maybe this year they might finally win something.