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What about the Tea Party?

To be anti-government when your government is Washington, is to be a true patriot. In Egypt, they riot because food prices are so high. In America, they hold signs saying "END THE FED" and warn that if Washington continues to run such high deficits, that dollar inflation and devaluation will drive up the prices of food here too (they're already beginning to). In Egypt, they riot because the government takes so much money from its hard-working people and amasses it in the hands of the wealthy and well-connected. In America, they protested the TARP bailouts which transfered so many hundreds of billions of dollars from poor and middle-class workers to irresponsible Wall Street bankers. In Egypt, they clamored for true democracy. In America, they bewailed the closed-door, back-room politics used to conslidate the government's control over the health insurance industry against the wishes of a majority of the American people. In Egypt, the anti-government forces were praised for their courage by American media. In America, the anti-government forces were ignored, ridiculed, and libeled by American media.

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