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How many of you believe we will see

riots related to food shortages and austerity in the US within 6 months?

I think we will more so for austerity and less of a chance for food. But the tide is changing. Keep your eye on silver...

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We are already seeing "austerity" rearing its head.

And just like in the EU, leeches here are bitching about their freebies.

It will get worse and spread.

If only the protests were in support of limited government, sound money, and fiscal sanity...

As for food, prices are already rising. My grocery bill is much higher than just a few months ago and I am buying less.

I suspect this trend will continue for at least the next year if not longer.

I'm in my 3rd year of gardening and each year getting bigger with more variety.

I'm ambitiously hoping that in 6 months I will only be buying meat, seafood and household items. Any growable produce I plan to do myself. Of course, it won't be a full diet of everything I like, but the staples will be there with some variety.

Then the only other task would be to pick up fishing and crabbing again. Maybe even use some of my land for cattle, sheep or goats. But that may be a year or two down the road. I don't want to bite off too much at one time.

Hope there is time...

I don't see riots over food that soon, unless there is also a fuel or currency crises big time. Which is entirely possible and could even be happening while I type this.

Scary stuff.

what a remarkably 'open'

what a remarkably 'open' thread, heh. I dont see either happening in the us in just 6 months. it seems if we did wed be seeing hyperinflation or direct international pressure. but with the world's currencies pegged to the dollar, who is currently in a position to confront US monetary policy with any clout? Austerity? With Obama and Bernanke? sorry, cant see that happening!

I do think food prices and particularly gas prices are going to rise to a 'concerning' and 'complainable' level in that period of time however. Food will still be on the shelves - just at a higher price point.

Fools waste time rioting

The wise will spend it growing food.

I didn't say I would riot

I just seems like things are starting to brew....we shall see.