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Joy Behar Explains Ron Paul on 'The View'

Of all the places, Joy Behar of the 'The View' has done a stellar job of explaining Ron's comments in the debate on May 15th.


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Let's declare war on auto accidents

3,000 + people died on 9/11 which is a terrible thing. Every year, over
40,000 people die in America ( over 240.000 since 9/11/2001) due to auto accidents. Let's declare war against auto accidents! Lets focus on making cars safer.
My point, that the government has been using the "terror threat" as an excuse to whatever it wants to do. Including bashing great Americans like Ron Paul.

The whole 9/11 hoax is a joke. We have a better chance of dying from chocking on a grain of rice than we do from a terrorist!

Or as I often point out to the warmonger christians

a million each year, 4500 each day, innocents killed by abortionists.

And their opinion about using violent means to stop them? And if it is truly evil, why would it be different to have the thugs wear badges but do the exact same things to the then illegal abortionists than to do it now?

Why are they kumbaya give ultrapacifism a chance (John Lennon and drums in the background) appeasement when it comes to what they describe as a holocaust, but turn into the rambo-terminator for overseas pipsqueaks that occasionally sting us?

(I use this to negate tax arguments too, so if A and B vote to take C's property, and A calls himself leader, and B calls himself tax-agent, it is legal, but if A and B simply conspired to have B overtly steal C's property, why would it be different much less wrong in that case).

Maybe because Molotov cocktails are getting expensive and are said to contribute to global warming. But they could find other ways.

Of course with the unitary executive power, Bush could declare every abortionist an enemy combatant and send them to isolation in Gitmo without court review or Habeaus Corpus - his administration has said he has that power. If he has it he is evil for not using it to end abortion, if he does not have the authority, he is an evil tyrant for using it.


I think Ron Paul is right that liberty crosses party lines. I can't remember such a conservative candidate getting such good press on a liberal show like the View.

Perhaps the fact that Ron Paul disagrees with President Bush on so many policies is part of it. :)

I think this is great news for the campaign.

Ron Paul Blog

My point is also that this is a Ron Paul blog with his name in the URL and thus each post needs to be POSITIVE and contain Ron's name in the title.

I think far too much time is spent on people like the person at the MI GOP who is not important.

Let's keep posting positive statements, videos and facts.

Ron is #1 on YouTube subscriptions even more than Obama.

He won MSNBC's debate poll TWICE.
He was second in the cell phone polls only because many of you did not have text messaging capabilities on your phones.
And we should be demanding he debate RG on this issue of the war.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is totally right about terrorism!

Terrorism is when someone or something bombs innocent civilians (old people, women, children, etc.).

And Rosie was completely wrong about the U.S. being terrorists in Iraq. We just want their oil; we don’t care about blowing them up. The problem is that we opened up a Pandora’s Box and all hell broke loose!!! Now the loyal Bushites like Hasselbeck will always resort to the trusty talking point “BUT DO YOU HAVE A PLAN???” That’s right they get to create the mess and their opponents (Democrats, Libertarians, Smart Republicans) have to come up with the plan.

Now if some country would ever drop nukes on innocent civilians that would be the ultimate act of terrorism. I don’t believe that’s ever happened, but I could be wrong because I flunked history.

You flunked history

That's OK because maybe your teacher didn't teach your class about government sponsored terrorism. If you knew true history then you wouldn't agree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck .

But we are doing so!

And when we bombed and are bombing various places in Iraq (like when an insurgent goes into an apartment building, and maybe out the back) and call in an air strike to level the building and bomb innocent civilians (old people, women, children, etc.), we are what exactly?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were industrial towns, and produced military items, but most of the population were not combatants in any normal sense of the word. I can add Dresden and Tokyo but they were conventional firebombings, yet I think the term "terror bombing" was used.

Here's the problem - Do you kill 1,000,000 innocent people to maybe get at one or a few terrorists who might kill or might have killed how many?

Or put differently, is it wrong to blow up abortionists in their clinics when they have killed more innocents than on 9/11? If not, what is the difference?

We are all insurgents!

The U.S. news media labels any Iraqi or Middle Eastern person an "insurgent" if they simply defend themselves or revolt against U.S. troops occupation of their country.
Now let's say China invaded the USA. Would you fight back against the occupation by foreign troops or would you just sit back and let them take over your homeland? Of course you would defend your self, your family, and your country. The China news media would then label you an insurgent.
We are all insurgents when the situation arises. We are killing thousands of innocent people over there under the guise of getting "insurgents".

OT: Pat on Ron vs Rudy

Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul:


Vote for FREEDOM!


Excellent response from Pat Buchanan.

Get Ron on 'The View' !!!

I hope Ron would be able to get on the show. Call Joy!!

Vote for FREEDOM!