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S 202 - Audit the Fed: 37 Co-sponsors

Updated on December 29, 2012
On record so far at www.thomas.gov

Title: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011

Sponsor: Sen Paul, Rand [KY] (introduced 1/26/2011)
Cosponsors: (37)
Latest Major Action: 1/26/2011 Referred to Senate committee.
Status: Referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Sen DeMint, Jim [SC] - 1/26/2011
Sen Vitter, David [LA] - 1/26/2011
Sen Lee, Mike [UT] - 3/1/2011
Sen Hatch, Orrin G. [UT] - 5/24/2011
Sen Boozman, John [AR] - 5/24/2011
Sen Heller, Dean [NV] - 6/22/2011
Sen Chambliss, Saxby [GA] - 7/25/2011
Sen Crapo, Mike [ID] - 9/6/2011
Sen Risch, James E. [ID] - 10/6/2011
Sen Rubio, Marco [FL] - 10/6/2011
Sen Coburn, Tom [OK] - 10/6/2011
Sen Blunt, Roy [MO] - 10/6/2011
Sen Barrasso, John [WY] - 10/6/2011
Sen Burr, Richard [NC] - 10/6/2011
Sen Thune, John [SD] - 10/6/2011
Sen Inhofe, James M. [OK] - 10/6/2011
Sen Wicker, Roger F. [MS] - 10/6/2011
Sen McCain, John [AZ] - 10/31/2011
Sen Grassley, Chuck [IA] - 10/31/2011
Sen Cornyn, John [TX] - 3/28/2012
Sen Graham, Lindsey [SC] - 7/17/2012
Sen Murkowski, Lisa [AK] - 7/23/2012
Sen Cochran, Thad [MS] - 7/25/2012
Sen Kirk, Mark Steven [IL] - 7/31/2012
Sen Toomey, Pat [PA] - 8/1/2012
Sen Shelby, Richard C. [AL] - 8/2/2012
Sen Enzi, Michael B. [WY] - 8/2/2012
Sen Ayotte, Kelly [NH] - 9/10/2012
Sen Isakson, Johnny [GA] - 9/10/2012
Sen Moran, Jerry [KS] - 9/10/2012
Sen Begich, Mark [AK] - 9/12/2012
Sen Hutchison, Kay Bailey [TX] - 9/12/2012
Sen Sessions, Jeff [AL] - 9/19/2012
Sen Brown, Scott P. [MA] - 9/19/2012
Sen Collins, Susan M. [ME] - 11/13/2012
Sen Portman, Rob [OH] - 11/13/2012
Sen Roberts, Pat [KS] - 11/13/2012

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Emailed/called both Schumer and Gillibrand

Schumer is a lost cause, I'm sure, but maybe Gillibrand can be turned because at least she seems like a decent human being deep down (hopefully hasn't been in the Senate long enough to be totally corrupted yet).

New York has always been so pro-Fed though as the NY Federal Reserve Bank holds tremendous power (I pass it almost every other day, spat on it once haha)

I'm both surprised and elated

I'm both surprised and elated that the Georgia senators signed on. They're usually good for nothing.

I am still waiting for you to hop onboard

Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts


Well, it is now Sept. 20th and Brown has signed on!
I guess I will call his office again and thank him!

We are moving forward!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Good stuff

...let's hope we get a vote soon. Our best chance is before the election, when the GOP has to pretend the most to be in favor of their own platform.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


I wrote Richard Shelby in late July asking if he would sponsor S202. I wasn't encouraged by his response. He's the ranking member of the Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs. I'm glad to see he signed as a sponsor.


I started telling my wife how Orin Hatch would never sponsor this and then I looked and his name is there......either him doing something decent or I wonder what he gets out of it......either way happy to see Utah on board with this

Maria Cantwell D WA/ Patty Murray D WA

they gave me the same BS line that they supported dodd-frank and that partial audit was going far enough... might as well count them out

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” - F.A. Hayek

Hopelessly gestapo establishment communists

In Obamas pocket

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

The reply of "they supported the Dodd-Frank bill"

And I really appreciate that. It is because of what was discovered, the 16+ trillion under the table to bank connected political cronies and other countries that we desperately need a full Fed Audit. This totally shows that money backed political forces are at work in the Fed...are you stating then you are a part of this corruption? Is that why you want to continue to keep the people in the dark?

Then create a blog based on their replies and link it to as many sources as possible.

Same with Wyden and Merkley in OR!

Wyden and Merkley, both D's from Oregon, sent me identical "I supported Dodd-Frank" responses, emphasizing the need for "Fed independence". I'm tired of hearing that canned response from everyone! I told them Audit the Fed is their litmus test, and the whole country will know who they serve based on their vote. Pile on the pressure.

But are they not your

But are they not your "representatives?" Who cares what they think, they work for you and you are telling them what you want done.


Same response here.

I've contacted them twice now. Straight tool bags.

My fellow Washingtonian...

isn't it ironic that Peppermint Patty and Can't Well posture themselves as 'anti-Wall St/banker' crusaders to their dim-witted constituents(mindless 'liberals')? I guess nothing's ironic in politics.

30 More Needed to Pass

And it probably wouldn't hurt to have 5 more as a cushion. Do we have a single post on DP we can bookmark that gives the contact info of those who are NOT aboard that could be edited daily? We could all hit those senators who remain outstanding on a daily basis with emails and phone calls; watching the list of "outstanding" shrinks each day. If we all called the same number of calls everyday we could really start bombarding the stubborn ones. Maybe call radio stations and TV stations in their districts to ask why they haven't responded to calls to their offices to send the message for them to Audit the Fed.


C'mon fellow Californians we have to call Fienstien and Boxer EVERYDAY!!

bigmikedude's picture

Mark Begich is a democrat I believe.

Any other dems on this list?


Begich is the only Democratic cosponsor.

Both Texas Senators? Quick, get your ice skates out!

Hell has frozen over.

Thanks for the update! Good thread.


I almost crapped my pants when I saw KBH was added...

henry9's picture

Snowe and Collins?

Where is Maine on this one?

Things are set to change quickly here.

Snowe is a super-RINO. The

Snowe is a super-RINO. The way she votes will be interesting.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Get it done now!!

If the Republicans wait until after the election to push the vote, the pressure might not be there to do the audit. Mitt Romney appears to be rather cool to the idea. He likes Bernanke's work so far!? If he's happy with Bernanke how could he be unhappy with the Fed? An adviser of
Romney's has said that Bernanke should be reappointed!!!!
Get it done---puhleaze!

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Just emailed Senator Murray

Just emailed Senator Murray from WA. She has a pretty thick head when it comes to anything fiscal, I hope she comes around though.

Don't forget to contact Cantwell

She actually voted for a full audit in 2010.

Anyone in Washington should remind Cantwell of this vote, which is for a full audit:


Thx for the link!


Nobody from Minnesota. Guess

Nobody from Minnesota. Guess I have some work to do.

If there's a good organized

If there's a good organized effort...

You can really put the squeeze on the Minnesota senators. EVERYONE wants transparency in the Federal Reserve. So those dems will look foolish if they go against it; especially the one up for re-election.

This issue could really help Kurt Bills' campaign.

Just emailed them. In my

Just emailed them. In my email I kept in short and stated I am a minnesota resident and I demand thm to support this bill. That is all.

Nobody from Oregon?

I've contacted my Senators multiple times about S.202 telling them to support it and vote yes on it.
What are they waiting for?? I'd better see them on that list of sponsors!

if they arent

well at least you know who NOT to re-elect.

His name is Edward Snowden

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