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Video: Senator Rand Paul on ABC News Nightline 2/24


Rand's new book: The Tea Party Goes to Washington

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Notice how the reporter is

Notice how the reporter is defending keeping the Departments of Education and Energy. How this whole piece attacks the idea of shrinking the Pentagon Budget and ending foreign aid. Does this sound like neutral reporting?

Why is it that Ron and Rand Paul are "controversial", but not the Departments of Energy and Education? Why is foreign aid not controversial? Or undeclared wars around the globe?

Obviously, we Tea Party people (and I don't mean the Neocons who have infiltrated the Tea Parties) and mainstream media are miles apart. We are for Constitutional government, and they are part of the system.


I didn't know that Cartoon Network did political interviews...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

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With some reservations, this was overall positive.

They had to drag out some old dirt that they explained was just that, dirt. They also used only half-truths.

Grace under fire is what the Paul's do best. Rand Paul has "presence." He is very likable, and he exhibits confidence in what he's doing and warmth.

He definitely is presidential material.

Randall needs to learn the

Randall needs to learn the lesson of never giving interviews that aren't live. It would go a long way in preventing hit pieces by the shills.

The Anchor Set the Tone

Gee. Who'd have guessed that Terry Moran would set the what-a-kook! tone with his smirk-chuckle while naming the agencies Rand would get rid of. Who'd have expected the reporter to trivialize Ron's drug war stance as a desire to "legalize drugs." The subtle distortions and jabs are too many to count: typical MSM statism. Good job by the Pauls though. Thanks for posting, Bobby.

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Way over-edited, but you know what they say,

any publicity is good publicity, and Rand gives good face time.

Undo what Wilson did

come on!

He was elected to get the job done. Not dance around and make people feel good. He is showing leadership that commands attention and respect. Congress has a 6 percent approval rating cause our current non- representative representatives are cowards. I tell the media to bring it on, the more they try, the better he gets. VIVA LA CONSTITUTION!!

Not sure what to think of

Not sure what to think of this segment. Some good, some bad, some ugly...but Rand looked practical and reasoned.

What a creepy reporter

Wow. I've never seen anything like that...MSM deserves creepy guys like that so I'm not complaining!

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"The Libertarian Lion"

in reference to Ron...that was pretty schweet.

Shorter Interviewers

Rand had all the right body-language, tone of voice, and manner. His Dad joked the right way. People will see that they're friends (no abandonment/abuse issues making them dysfunctional authoritarians), and mainly they'll see that Rand is happy, confident, and capable of being reasonable and calm (enough to give him charge of the nuclear "football"?).

All we need is shorter interviewers, and he looks presidential to me. Had anyone heard of Obama before he ran? All voters want is someone who looks like good material and who doesn't look like the same-old.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


Shouldn't a US Senator's introduction reference his policies and actions that effect the country rather than a montage of every dirty political trick used against him?

Talk about "framing" a candidate, that was ridiculously unfair. Nightline's looking more like FOXNews.

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Considering the source, I thought this

interview was surprisingly positive. It showed the dirty trick were bunk, it portrayed the sensitive side of Rand which many viewers would find attractive considering that in the past he's been portrayed as cold and unfeeling.
The interviewer also showed the controversial positions are based on principle.

No mention of the $ 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit??!!

Nice hacket job. They don't mention the $ 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit at all, which you need at the very beginning of the argument to frame it properly. They make him out to be radical when almost all of the others in gov are the real radicals. They think that you can add $ 1.5 Trillion to the debt every year and not have any consequences. Unbelievable.

I thought this was great.

Looking at it from the perspective of the general public.

Rand was calm and seemed sensible.

I thought this was a great segment.

So did I, Mr. Scott

So did I, Mr. Scott

How does that pass for an unbiased interview?

Pompus arrogant reporter loaded with back handed complements and cheezy graphics.

That was pathetic but Rand holds his own and then some!

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If that is news, then the Family Guy must be reality lol

What the hell was that?



3:56... look at the books in the background.

What do I see, none other then Glenn Beck's "Broke"

Best quote ever by a politician!

"I am not afraid of not being elected" I simply loved that last sentence before the clip ended. That is Rand Paul - President of the US in the making!

Water Off A Ducks Back : "Aqua Man" Comes Off Looking Rather


...and The Revolution Continues...

Ron And Rand In 2012..

"The RICHEST nation blah blah blah"...

When are we going to start calling these clowns on their "richest nation" BS?

Why would the man who is mortgaged to the hilt, driving a leased Hummer, maxed out on four credit cards, and living a paycheck away from bankruptcy be considered the "richest"?

The Virtual Conspiracy

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WTF are those animations???

and how will those be repurposed? I can already see a youtube sensation that we hate.

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Yeah ABC has a very neocon/authoritarian agenda

So of course this is going to be a subtle hit piece. Re-hashing campaign criticisms...cartoony graphics, dismissals. asking him a question followed by a voiceover response which belittles his ideas....yeah ABC sucks and has always sucked. They have an agenda and it is not ours.

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I thought Rand Paul held his

I thought Rand Paul held his own very well. MSM is NOT going to treat him as their favourite lad... but so far it seems Rand Paul comes off with twice the intelligence of his interviewers.

Blatant Hit Piece

Here was the goal of that piece:

1) Rehash every lie and slander from his campaign
2) Paint him as a nutcase, cartoonish extremist who will shut down half the government
3) Make him look like he's so extreme that even his own party doesn't like him, further putting him out of the mainstream
4) Argue that his fiscal conservatism (NOT government irresponsibility and overspending) will shut down the government, put people on the street and lead to riots and unrest

Unfortunately, plenty of viewers are going to lap it up...

well said


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All I found was commercials?

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They call that news?!?!

I call it a pathetic attempt at a smear campaign. Utterly juvenile and biased to the point of putting John Stuart to shame. Misleading isn't even a strong enough word to describe this trash. The editing was deceitful (interrupting his speech to show some childish graphic...shows what they think of their viewers/liberals) and the anchor/reporters' snide comments make me want to throw up. God I hate the MSM.

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Bill Weir = Psycho?

Is it just me or does the cackling, strutting Bill Weir remind you of...

This Guy