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Is it just me or is Rand gonna run

Rand seems to be getting a lot of coverage lately.

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Yeah, I think this might

Yeah, I think this might happen too. I think if he goes for it, he'll be announcing it on Letterman. Dole and McCain both officially announced on Letterman, and it seems odd that a Senator would just go on a show like that for the heck of it.

I give a 50/50 chance. If he runs, I think it will be less because he thinks he can win, and more to a) promote the message and ideology and b) practice for 2016 or 2020.

Rand in 2012?

I was thinking Rand in 2016, after his father's 4 years and the Republic has been saved. Then we could probably get along with a "Ron Lite."

Rand may be more articulate, but he doesn't yet possess the depth of wisdom and understanding that his father does.

I think he might now that the

I think he might now that the cycle has been pushed back. He's a better speaker than Ron and he isn't stigmatized by the 'ron paul wierdo followers' thing like Ron is.

Carter, Athens GA

Oh, just wait. If he does announce, he'll be pounced on

just like his dad.

TPTB can't handle a true friend of Liberty in the White House. It will destroy all of their plans.

If he announces, get a slicker suit and a shovel, 'cause you'll need it with all the mud that will be flying.

He just released a book

cha ching!

I only hope Ron Paul gets on these lame shows to promote "Liberty Defined" in April

RON Paul 2012