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The Cartel-Fantastic Documentary about Education

After watching teachers ignore their jobs and whine for a week and a half, I watched an amazing documentary called "The Cartel" tonight.

With all of the love for "Waiting for Superman", this movie puts that to shame.

It just came out on DVD, or you can watch it instantly at Amazon. It will cost you 2.99 to rent it, but it is totally worth it. I usually only go for free stuff, but it's so good, I thought I would let people know about it.

The director of the documentary was on Freedom Watch this past week.



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I saw the movie at a screening in NJ. I agree, much more powerful than "Waiting for Superman". I was thinking to buy some copies for family, friends and maybe neighbors to see.

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Just ordered a copy.

Just ordered a copy.

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Thank you so much for posting this;

it deserves much wider distribution.

I agree. We really need to

I agree. We really need to return liberty to our youth. If we don't, they'll grow up accepting excessive control, and expecting handouts. I think it's a huge part of the reason people vote the way they do today, and with school restrictions getting tighter, it's only going to get worse as today's students become adults.

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Watching it with my parents

Watching it with my parents tonight, rented it on Itunes.

Really excited.

educational paradigm

If you have ever read (or sampled) Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, or just listened to its author in an interview, you will attuned to the issue that comes after we throw out the current, severely dysfunctional public educational paradigm.

The author believes that rich, oligarchical elites have deliberately guided public education so that it would keep the public from being smart enough to threaten their oligarchy.

I advise you all to not accept the first thing that the MSM offer as a successor to the current paradigm (for example "school choice" "charter schools" "reward-based pay and reward-based education" "workforce training"), because this will be just a new version of the old boss: corporate oligarchy and oligopoly.

Don't be too quick to trust any education reform that is accepted by the MSM or any reform that is funded by the same financiers that already have more power than the government.


Please take a look at the short video comments. Thanks for posting this trailer, rpjayhawk.

No problem...

While watching it, I was trying to figure out why this movie got overshadowed by Waiting for Superman...I guess it's because it promotes school choice and offers a libertarian solution. It seems so simple. This movie makes me glad I am not a kid now, having to put up with this insanity.