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Dear Friends, Fellow Citizens, Bloggers, Webmasters, and Surfers

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the MSM is intent upon ignoring Ron Paul. However, we do have the internet, and we should maximize our presence here.

I know there are many bloggers and webmasters out there who do not run Ron-Paul specific websites, but do support Ron Paul. To help these blogs and websites spread the word, show support, and reinforce the message out on a daily basis, I've designed some small, catchy "I support Ron Paul" graphics.

Please post one of these conspicuously on your site, so that your readers know you support Ron Paul. Link them back either to the Daily Paul, or to Dr. Paul's official campaign site. Then come back here an post a link to your site in the comments section!

If you don't have a blog or site of your own, but are a regular visitor to a blog or site that is sympathetic to Dr. Paul, send them a link to this page and ask them nicely to put one of these small graphics up on their site. I'd love to see the internet filled with these little graphics.

Thank you for helping spread the word! Your feedback is appreciated.

If it is a bigger site, and "We support" would be more appropriate:


More graphics below:



Copy and paste this code to put the image on your site:

Depending on where you want the picture to take people, you need to change the a href="" value. Currently it is set to the Daily Paul.

Depending on which image you want, you'll have to change the value of the img src ="". Right click on the image that you want, select "properties" and copy the image location. Then paste the code on to your site.

Here is a quick little tutorial on how to link to images:

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got those great images on our two family sites

I put all 8 of them up big and bold on our websites.
Here you can see my wife's family blog:

and here is my blog on our family:

Now it's time to make TEE SHIRTS!

I Put Up Two of Them

Will someone make one .gif with all of them as one long string? I'd like to have it as the background to the banner of my blog!

What I did with graphic

Check out my website to see what I did with the "I Support" graphic. Thanks for the graphic, it works and looks great!

David Whitesock
Vermillion, SD

Michael Nystrom's picture

I love it!

Wonderful. Thank you.

He's the man.

Nice Graphic!

I added it to my blog

My blog is mostly chicks doing yoga, Ron Paul, and puppies

My blog is mostly chicks doing yoga, Ron Paul, and puppies


Thanks for the graphic. I posted it at Supports Ron Paul

Thank you for the graphic! It's up on my site:

Ponder This...

Check it out.

Go Ron Paul!!


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you all for your support and for putting the graphics up. My friend Patrick, at - the leading housing bubble blog on the net - put one up at my request.

Which reminds me - if you don't have a site, you can email the webmasters of the sites you do read and ask them nicely to consider putting some up!

Thank you!
Michael Nystrom

He's the man. :)

:) Woohoo! Thanks for the images!

How about an AIM buddy icon??

I've been looking for one all over. Every person who converses with you via Instant Messenger would see it. An AIM buddy icon for Ron Paul.

Great Website

Thanks for all of your hard work for Ron Paul. I really enjoy your site and have had you linked in my blogroll. Also, thanks for the cool graphics. My blog is

check out

Michael, you must have been reading my mind.

I have been looking all over for some decent graphics to upload to our site and provide a little more exposure for Dr. Paul. I believe many of our visiting physicians will be interested in his views on healthcare.

It's only 20,000 hits a month or so but, every little bit helps.

The Ron Paul link is on our home page at

I'll play around with the different banners and see which draws more attention.



"Simple Utah Mormon Politics" Supports Ron

I support Ron. I've added one of the images to my site.

Ron Paul links

Thank you for the little graphics.
Though my sites are not exclusively Ron Paul-related, I've made my own banners atop the main pages and political articles.

You can see some of your graphics at these links--some of them are linked here, some of them to Dr Paul's campaign website:



Review of SICKO:

Visitors, feel free to leave your comments at the site.
Would love to hear from you--Poffy and The Dunmore

Lazy Summer Home

Thanks for the cool graphics. My personal web site which gets a fair number of hits...

Thanks for doing this

Thanks for the I support Ron Paul icon. It's great

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Image to email

Michael your graphics atop your economic & political contributions are stunning.
Am not a computer whiz but this may help others: on a Mac have dragged your latest creations over to a new message, saved in drafts, waiting to be dragged onto outgoing emails. That you provide choices is an added treat.

Also appreciated the effective simplicity of your "Google Ron * Paul" banner in NH.
The campaign is lucky to know you ! And of course (x vice) versa.

IM Picture too

You could also use one of these graphics as your picture (image) on your Microsoft Messenger, Yahoo, AOL, or other Instant Messaging application you use. :)

Dr. P graphics

Is there anyway I can attach this to my emails that I send out to people. I think there is a way in Outlook. I don't have a website, but I send out a lot of emails. Would be nice to add at the bottom of an email. Would be great if I could make it an image with a link, so the recipient of the email could click it and end up here. Thanks

Michael Nystrom's picture

Right click on the image

If you right click on the image, you can save it to your hard drive. Then you will be able to insert it into your email through outlook using the "Insert Picture" function.


He's the man.

Don't know how

I don't want to feel like an Internet rookie, but how do you do it (post this graphics). I can do this when the graphic has an attached code, but I can't do it without. Thanks for your help!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Saving the image

To save the image to your hard drive, you just right click on it, and select, "Save Image As..." You can save the image to your hard drive. Just remember where you put it!

Depending on what kind of a setup you have, you can either upload it to your site via FTP, or you have some kind of dialogue box that helps you upload the image to your blog.

I'll work on getting some cut/paste code for them.


He's the man.

Awsome Idea

I support the I Support Ron Paul campaign! Let' spread it around!

Steven Vincent

And you even had one in my color!

Another great idea... nice work, Michael. I linked mine directly to the campaign donate page.

Great idea

I have my own web site that I have for Ron Paul, but I would like to say I think your idea is a good one and your graphics are just fine, too.

Ooooh! Just like yard signs for the web!

Neat! Cool! Groovy! Swell! Thanks! I must put up a website, immediately!


What do you think?

Michael Nystrom's picture


I just put one up on my other site: in the upper left hand corner. It appears on every page of the site, so it will get about 7,000 page views each day - over 200,000 each month!

Of course most of my regular readers know that I support Ron Paul, but there are always new people coming by as well.

Michael Nystrom

He's the man.

You might want to change the link, Michael...

Do you mean to have the graphic link to this post? Wouldn't it be better to link to the blog's main page, or to Dr. Paul's campaign site?

I don't think the visitors to your website who click that button are wanting to come read this particular post...

I agree

I'm dependent upon the Daily Paul, but if I had to put one piece of information in front of someone being exposed to Dr. Paul for the first time, it would be the issues page from the campaign site. Here's the path:

I really like the graphics a lot - thank you so much for creating them.