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Steve Wozniak prints $2 Bill "Legal Tender." Fed Fails $100.

While our Nation waits, here is a man that knows how to print "Legal Tender!"

Steve Wozniak, "$2 Legal Tender"
Printer, Special Envoy
The Woz... the printer that can!
The Department of Defiance
Laser Safety Inspector
(w/ pirate eye patch)
His is a hilarious tale.

And here is a man that doesn't...
know (counter-fitting).

Uncle Ben went down to the Capitol Wednesday... trying to straighten things out... creases & all. His is a sad tale... Some say sad funny-money trail.

It is hard to make "Paper-Money" these days. The $100 new anti-counter-fitting bill keep creasing... fouling up the cash dispensers (dispensors) ... a real mess.

His yarn is all balled up. Nothing straight about it.

Counter-Fitting Trouble
by Printers-That-Be @ The Fed,


Complete w/ animated video new $100 bill

The new $100 note is the latest denomination of U.S. currency to be redesigned with special anti-counterfeiting features. Treasury first introduced the redesigned $20 note in 2003 and has also redesigned the $50, $10 and $5 notes.

... security strip... that change to 100 as the strip is tilted. The ribbon is woven into the paper... the focus of speculation as a potential cause of the paper creasing problem on the printing presses...

As part of the rollout effort for the new $100 bills, the government set up a website explaining:

How to Counter-Fit Like a Pro... The Fed.

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Go Woz!

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