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Googletube (was youtube)

See UPDATE at the bottom. *

Before Google bought Youtube, thumbnails for political commentary by individuals (and Ron Paul clips) used to be displayed prominently on the top pages, because they earned a spot in the 200 "Top rated" list.

After the buyout, Google established a corporate political channel for the 2008 presidential election and promoted it on the front pages. Guess who they left off of the candidates list until they were shamed into adding a short, dismissive page for him.

Google has made numerous changes to make it difficult for individuals to establish a subscriber base, and to bury political commentary by mere mundanes.

First they did away with the "categories" such as "News & Politics" altogether, but soon bowed to a peasants' revolt and re-instated them. But they changed the rating system, moved the "Top rated" sort into a drop-down menu, and put their corporate selections at the top even when you sort by "Top rated" or "Most discussed."

Today I noticed that Googletube has made yet another subtle change along those lines. "News & Politics" no longer appears on the main browsing page. There are 15 categories. The default page is disingenuously titled "All Categories." Only 10 of the 15 are displayed. "News & Politics" has been removed. One now must look for "News & Politics" in the "Categories" drop-down menu at the top.

If you post googletube videos, I recommend putting them in the "People & Blogs" category.


* UPDATE: As of 11:30PM Pacific time, "News & Politics" is back. Maybe the disappearance was just a mistake. Given Googletube's history, I jumped to conclusions about motive.

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catch, keep up the great work!!!

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Good scouting, Jive



for this information.

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That is a good suggestion about putting them in "People & Blogs".