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Motorists illegally detained at tolls for using $20 bills!

Motorists illegally detained at Florida tolls for using large bills!

These toll workers are almost as bad as TSA agents! (hope that coffee shop refuses service to them too). How do they rationalize that someone without a small bill should be treated this way? Would they like to be treated this way? People better start thinking about whom they're siding with. There's a war on our freedom - so choose a side!

More Americans aiding and abetting their own enslavement!

We enslave ourselves! How insane is that!

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Oddly, it is in payment of a

Oddly, it is in payment of a debt owed to the government - you pay after you travel on the road.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

the question needs to be asked


something from Sweden...

Open Letter to Corporate Journalists

To all journalists working in Sweden: The truth is out. Your employers have been revealed. Your employers employers have been revealed. Your employers employers employer has been revealed. The truth is out. I repeat: The truth is out.

The biggest crime against humanity in modern time is taking place right in front of our eyes - and you, all swedish journalists, are quiet. I repeat: The biggest crime against humanity in modern time is right now taking place in front of our eyes - and you are quiet.

To all journalists working in Sweden: With this letter I want to tell you that you have a choice. Either you immediately, and I do mean immediately, start reporting what is really going on in this country and all over the world - or else, as of today, you will be regarded as accomplices in this close to unimaginably horrendous criminal act against the people of Sweden and against the people of the entire planet.

I repeat: To all journalists working in Sweden, either you immediately start reporting what is actually going on in the world, or else you are considered enemies to the people of Sweden...


we are the Remnant


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For Freedom!
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Thanks for posting.

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This guy does a great job

working on the conscience and shaming those who make tyranny possible.


96% believe the TSA is going too far with security measures.

So why is everybody going along with it???



we are the Remnant

last few seconds of video:

'..rejected suggestion to use anti-counterfeit marker pens..then spent 32k printing the forms to catch..16k in fake bills'

is it me or does it seem, every problem nowadays becomes an opportunity to take mo' money.. with no regard for the end-result?

edit: sorry ryan, u said same, i answered phone while composing..

Classical example of Govt stupidity

- $16,000 in losses due to counterfeit currency on $1,500,000,000 in revenue
- spend $32,000 in forms to stop counterfeit currency
- refuse to use the standard green ink pen
- violate the liberties of millions of Florida citizens
- cause potential State liability of $100s of millions in punitive damage fines


Nicely done by this

Nicely done by this individual whistleblower.

Yet another example of government gone wild.

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Never pay tolls

Throw in a penny, thats what they're worth to me anyway.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

do they collect any bills

that are not counterfeit?

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Maybe somebody should tell this goon

that the $20 bill is worth less than a dollar used to be worth.
Hardly a "large bill".

This is just an excuse for intrusive information-farming, and acclimating people to submission to the Gestapo.