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Joel Skousen - Ron Paul vs. Corporate Media



Joel Skousen Election 2012 - Deception and War.

Author and political commentator Joel Skousen gives an in-depth discussion on how the election process is controlled by the establishment, with a particular focus on the 2012 election and the co-opted Tea Party movement."


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Big bump

All true

He has his Mormon Blinders on...

The guy bends over backwards trying to suggest Romney in not an establishment hack. My opinion is that Romney got out early because he was promised the nomination in 12. He could have bloodied McCain and got the nomination.

Have you noticed the new push that Republicans have forgiven him for Romney-Care, that was then and Obama care is not the same as Romney care because its a state issue?

simply not true

Joel Skousen has no Mormon blinders on. He despises Mitt Romney as much as any of the rest of us (i.e. LDS folks who actually "get it" and are not stupid enough to fall for Romney's plastic hair). He has said over and over again in his weekly newsletters that Romney will try and try and always fail to get the nomination--this is not endorsing or cheer leading for Mint Romney in any way--simply stating that Romney himself is too stupid to see that he's being by the elite he so desparately wants to "fit in" with........

I didn't pick that up at all.

I didn't pick that up at all. He said in that one presentation that Mitt had the benefit from being a Mormon to understand about the evil in the government since it is part of their religious teachings, but that Mitt either chose to ignore it or was ignorant of this knowledge. He highlighted Mitt's gaff during the debates when he outlined his reliance on attorneys to interpret the Constitution. In the other video he said that Mitt had the faculties and business acumen to properly understand and oversee legislation and the responsibilities of the presidency but that he would likely cave to the advisers since he is co-opted by other interests.

He was not flattering to Mitt and he was very reasoned in his assessments of the political drama and players.

He has his Mormon Blinders on...

The guy bends over backwards trying to suggest Romney in not an establishment hack. My opinion is that Romney got out early because he was promised the nomination in 12. He could have bloodied McCain and got the nomination.


Then why doesn't he say the same of Harry Reid? He knows Harry Reid is an establishment hack. Does he choose which people he has "Mormon Blinders" on for? Clearly your allegation doesn't hold water when you bring up other mormons (Reid, Huntsman, and others) that he thinks are establishment hacks with bad intentions.

Don't think Skousen likes Romney or thinks he's a true conservative. He has spoken against Romney for many years, has pointed out how Romney flip-flops and wants so badly to be president that he's willing to do anything to have the establishment like him. Romney only has SOME principles - he can still be puppeted and manipulated. And many of his principles are not true, constitutional principles (war, money, welfare, and social issues).

Skousen has known Romney for years and has many connections. He doesn't have any Mormon blinders but calls it like it is.

Your theory also doesn't hold any water, because Romney bloodied McCain & Huck as much as he could through negative advertising. It backfired more than anything because of how the media portrayed it. He was finished after not winning Florida. He wasn't promised anything.

I agree 100%

I agree 100%

Good Analysis but John McCain was picked in 2000 by Bush

By supporting Bush in 2000 McCain all but guaranteed his own nomination in 2008... this is just how the system works.

Romney by backing McCain in 2008 has gained the system's backing in 2012.

Now we have to defeat the system with Ron and Rand Paul running together and as separate candidates.

It is the only way to capture the whitehouse back from the system and keep a Paul in the whitehouse for more than a few hours or days.

With two Paul's in the race the system can not easily kill one off (remember Andrew Jackson's attempted assassination as well as other president's who did not go along with the [bankster's] system).

RON / RAND 2012... its the only way to protect our President from the banks.


I think he was correct that

I think he was correct that Guiliani was the chosen one. A lot of things just went wrong for Guiliani. Remember that body guard scandal and the mistress scandal. Dirt just kept getting dug up on that guy. I remember in the beginning McCane was finished, he had absolutely no money left -RP had more money than McCain, but the media kept him a hidden secret...then suddenly after Guiliana was wiped out, suddenly all this money appeared for McCain and he wasn't finished after all.

ytc's picture

So the best antidotes to the globalists' agenda are. . .

1) Antiwar movement
2) decentralized non-agressive nationalism centered around individual human rights and free market economy
3) to have the legal, political & philosophical details clarified, nationally and locally, to be able to group together swiftly when the crisis of wars/social unrest comes
4) NOT to be co-opted by watered down teaparty deception (of Gingrich - Palin brand, groomed by the establishment), but STAY with non-compromising principled anti-globalists brand of true original Tea Party candidates (and we know who they are :-)

. . . according to Joel Skousen. Great advice!

Interesting, but I'm confused

I like this analysis on media manipulation, but I have questions.

In the second video, he's stating that only establishment-picked candidates "get in". Then he seems to be pushing for Romney without saying much about how HE gets in. And why is he pushing for Romney any way, other than that he's a fellow Mormon? In the first video, it becomes, "Ron Paul great, Romney bad." I didn't realize there were even any similarities between Romney and Dr. Paul. I sure haven't seen any.

Could anyone help clear this up for me please.


He isn't for Romney. He implies that the things Romney supports, like war, is against mormon principles.

Part 1: The Tea Party Deception

Update your post to have part 1 of the infowars video, which is great too. Mentions a lot about Ron Paul, Beck, Romney, Palin, etc.


Joel is the man and so was

Joel is the man and so was his uncle Cleon. Good people who are experts on the Constitution and freedom.


Listening to Cleon now. Very interesting stuff.

W. Cleon Skousen - The History of Secret Combinations Part 1