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2012 Open Primary States: The key to Ron Paul's Republican Nomination

Since Obama is a strong incumbent for the Democrats for 2012 there will not be any viable Democratic Primaries in 2012. There are 17 states with an Open Primary where many Democrats and Independents will have the opportunity to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary without registering Republican.

Ron Paul's anti-war message of peace and his stance against the Neo-conservatives will resonate strong with many registered Democrats and Independents.

We must organize and put the strongest efforts in these states to encourage Democrats and Independents to vote for Ron Paul and capture all the Delegates of these Open Republican Primary States:

Alabama (50)
Arizona (Semi-closed, with primaries open only to unaffiliated or unrepresented voters, except for the Libertarian primary.)(57)
Arkansas (36)
Georgia (75)
Hawaii (Open primary for state, local, and congressional races; caucus system for presidential races.)(20)
Idaho (32)
Indiana (46)
Massachusetts (All races' primaries open for "unenrolled"/unaffiliated voters only)(41)
Michigan (59)
Mississippi (37)
Missouri (53)
South Carolina (50)
Tennessee (58)
Texas (152)
Vermont (17)
Virginia (49)
Wisconsin (42)

Total delegates for our taking in these Open Republican Primaries: 874 (1,212 needed to win) http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/

and here is a start...


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WYO primary

wyoming is semi closed i will be changing party's the day of registration...all in

The info above this thread is incomplete.

New Jersey is semi-open also.

Important update on open primary states

According to fairvote.org (yet not updated on wikipedia), Alabama is now a closed primary state. Please checked to see if there have been any updates for your state by clicking http://www.fairvote.org/congressional-primaries-open-closed-... . The list was updated by fairvote on November 2011.

UPDATE!! Further research Alabama laws, Alabama declares itself "closed", but actually operates like an open primary. A little confusion, but there have been no recent changes on Alabama's primary voting.

Latins, this is a great

Latins, this is a great start, please take the next step. Update your list to include NH and other quasi-open primaries, then change the list from alpha to prospective date. Thanks very much for your work.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Alaska, partially open primary

Alaska: independents (not Independence Party), undeclared, and unaffiliated voter can choose the Republican ticket. Dems and Libertarians are not allowed.

Excellent video!


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Viva La Revolucion!

Do we have some hard numbers on this?

I think we do the best with states that have a caucus.
My experience is that it's largely a waste of time going after liberal voters. You can win some of them--but, by in large, I'm afraid that many of our grassroots Ron Paul people are just scared of Republican voters--and need to get over it.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

I don't have any hard numbers, but

I believe that a lot of voters, who classified themselves as liberals, voted for RP in the GOP primaries.

I also know from my door-to-door work that anytime I mentioned his anti-war views, the liberals would listen. I know a lot of RP supporters and many of them are anti-war boomers. In open primary states this could give him another 10%. Remeber, the Dem side of the ticket will be booooooooring (no Hillary/Obama) so Dems will be looking to vote for somebody in order to make a statement.

But, I do agree that the caucus states are there for the taking. Iowa!


The key to the nomination is

The key to the nomination is a lock through the delegate process not the primary.

another mighty bump

Dr. Paul is in. Now it is up to us to get him the nomination. This post MUST be part of the strategy.


Bump for relevance today

I think this is something we need to seriously consider. So should Dr. Pauls campaign. If these primaries stay open, there is no reason we should not do very well.

A number of states...

are considering doing away with or moving their primaries - http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/pl_nm/us_primaries

Why is this good news for Ron Paul? Because WE kicked A@# in caucuses in 2008, and we'll make an even stronger showing in 2012!

We need more states to sign on to this and join the move to a caucus system - It's up to you and me to let our State Legislators and Governors know we want them to save our tax dollars by doing away with the primary and replacing it with a caucus - Don't bring up Ron Paul's name, just tell them this is a great way to save more of your state tax dollars!

Find your State Legislators and Governors contact information here - http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

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GA- shift of power?

I was looking up info about the primaries and think that GA is considering a bill to shift primary date-setting powers from the legislature to the secretary of state. the website
goes on to say if this bill is passed te primaries will be held up as late as Dec. 1st... should i write the secretary of state and as for a caucus?
sorry, i am new to the fight, but want to help!
oh-- I am a waitress and work sometimes in a little diner near my house and the older men who come to gossip each morning are not impressed by Gingrich as president... maybe he won't have as good of a shot here. many of them talk about ron paul, but still have a conception he won't win the general elections-- ohhhh me.


Letters, emails..

and phone calls are great! and you can remind those older men of this -

that poll was taken last year - and most of the country still has no idea who Ron Paul is..it'll be a RonSlide when they do!

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Bump for participation.

Bump for participation.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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to these add the caucus states

Iowa(40), Wyoming(14), Nevada(34), Maine(21), Alaska (29), Colorado (46), Minnesota (41), Montana (25), North Dakota (26), WV (30), Ks (39), WA (40), Hawaii (20), Nebraska(33) -- that's 438. 874 + 438 = 1312

Of course the order of these is important. The order is Iowa ( caucus), Wyoming ( Caucus), NH (open), SC ( Open ), Florida ( closed and rigged), Maine ( caucus ) then Super Tuesday follows with (Alabama Arizona Arkansas Massachusetts Missouri
Georgia and Tennessee -all open primaries) and Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Montana, ND and WV caucuses )

So, it looks like a good chance for Ron.

Texas is a biggee

But Ron is actually better in the Mountain West.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Ohio is semi-open

You can switch parties right at the voting booth.

They may ask you to sign a statement of your intention to switch parties, but in the past, I have voted in different party primaries and have never been asked to sign one.

The catch is that you can only vote in one primary, either Dem. or Rep., not both.

They are two separate ballots.

Republican Detailed Delegate Allocation - 2012

Important Info!!!!


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

This is probably THE most important info:

the secret is to take over the precinct chairman spots and most important to take over all chairman positions all the way to state chairman (the most important). I dont know when they vote for the state chairman spots in each state but if you truely want to take over the Rep party and win this is a must

Thanks for the post.

next step

I found out the chairman will be voted by secret ballot here in GA at the party's May convention in Macon. I looked up the three candidates and am not sure who to vote for or if I'm alowed to. I want to help though, so what should my next step be? Thank you so much!


Most likely you will be voting for one of three guys

the neocons have put up. This is how they hold power the chairman are the ones to decide who gets to be on the ballot. If you do not have a large group of
Ron Paul people who have been precinct chairman in your district for the last 2 to 4 years then all you can do is vote for one of the neocons guys. This is why they win the rural areas because the small town folks have been scared to death by the scary terrorist so they want us to be strong and keep them safe (there tv news drones). It is hard to get even a handful of true constitutionalist in a small town. Although, I think atlanta had a large Ron Paul meetup group might want to check meetup.com. Since it coast to have a meetup, most Ron paul meetups closed down after he lost. Alot of them turned into Glenn beck 912 meetups (still havnt figured out how that happened but, oh well!). See it takes more than just voting to win in the Republican party. You have to actually get involved (even in the non election years to move up). It is hard to set in their meetings while all they talk about is war and homeland security and private public partenterships.

I am limited in my knowledge of the process so I'm not much help on when people hold their meetings you have to be on the inside of the party to keep up with it. If picking chairman for the next election is going on right now I find it suprizing their are not people in the movement not directing the masses of Ron Paul people how to take full advantage of the process. Then again they might be as clueless as I am. Ignorance is what kills this movement. Remember they dont teach this stuff in school so its not really peoples fault for not knowing what is going on inside of a private club. The sad part is the Dem party is even worse because there is absolutly no way to take that party over. All the superdelegates (politicians) from the begaining have more than 50% of the electors, so the politicians in the dem party pick the nominee. Yep they pick their own winner. So for a dem to criticize the republicans would be stupid. But the Republicans do protect the little sliver of a opening with every dirty trick in the book. If the American population only knew how hard the Ron Paul people faught last election and how hard it was swimming against the stream they would at least say thank them for trying. Most people are cluless to what is actually going on around them. They think they go vote and the election game goes on and some win and some lose the end. They are cluless. I wish I could be more help but I am in the same boat I have since moved to a small rural town and these people are nuts. There is no way to penatrate them. All these old timers went to school together and no outsider will ever be aloud in to their party. I have been looking for any liberty loving people here but this town has probably 80% of the people getting a government check of some kind. In this town both parties are socialist if you touch their checks our even talk about it I would say you would get hurt (I mean seriously real life hurt) I have already resigned myself to helping Ron Paul with $ only if he runs this time. It takes overwhelming numbers to beat them and you need people on the inside for information. The place I live has not been disturbed for over 100 years. Its like a perfectly still lake. If you drop one little pebble in the water they will all turn around to see who did it. I will continue looking for like minded people to grow numbers but this place is a fortress. I would like it if there is anyone in the Ron Paul movement that has full understanding of the process and how it works to please come up with videos or some kind of classes for the every day guy. And I don't mean traveling to colorado where Ron Paul is giving some classes. Most people don't have the money for that crap right now. If this movement does not start getting all this stuff figured out there is no reason for anyone to run. I guess it wouldnt hurt to run so we could get our message out and educate people about government and what is wrong with it. Lets not be talking about winning though if that is what we are doing.

"When it is dark, you can see the stars." - Beard

thank you so much for your feedback!
yes, maybe there are other ron paul people here-- i actually live in Athens, GA, not Macon-- i just thought that is where the state chairman election was... ohhh me. although you could consider me a "townie" i still am new to the area- so i will keep looking. i must say, the political
arena has been a challenge for this lady who most of her adult life has admittedly lived as close to Kerouac's as she possible could.. i often get lost in dreams and sometimes have a hard time facing reality .. quite honestly i have no problem with doing without for the sake of the whole-- if it works, but it doesn't. so i need to wake up
and listen and learn and just maybe i can help.


most important post

that could be on DP. This should be posted at the top of the page until Ron Paul wins the nomination. The popular vote is important but means notyhing compaired to becoming delegates and precint charman. I set behind the main guy in my district who got Reagan voted in. He was impressed by the Ron Paul people showing up in mass to the state convention. It just so happens I had built his house for him. He truned around to me and he told me we would lose even though we had alot of people there. He told me they had the same problem when they started. He told me the secret is to take over the precinct chairman spots and most important to take over all chairman positions all the way to state chairman (the most important). I dont know when they vote for the state chairman spots in each state but if you truely want to take over the Rep party and win this is a must. Everyone needs to learn roberts rules of order and all large cities in each state need to find someone who knows roberts rules of order good enough to be voted in as chairman at the precinct district and state caucas. If you get enough people to put forward a list of delegates and you have the numbers your whole list win the delegate positions if you do this you need to use your power to vote in your own guy to run the caucas. They will cry because the poloticians whant to be able to go to the national conventions and they will say it will lok bad on them if they dont go. DO N
OT FALL FOR THIS THEY LIE. stick the knife in deep and dont give one delegate position to them. We did this cause we felt bad for them when we got to our district where you get three positions at the convention they stabed the knife deep in our backs and laughed. When we got to our state convention after all the rural locations sent all there delegates we did very bad in small towns (they all are fox news drones) we ended up losing by less than we had given away. We lost by like 40 people and alot of or delegates didnt show up because they had been contested so they thought why make the expencive trip if they wont let us vote. we also would have won if those people would have shown up. We made some mistakes but if we would have played hard ball and not let up Ron Paul would have won a state that in popular vote mc-stain won by a huge margin. in this state the delegates are bond to vote for who wins the state popular vote but they cannot force you to vote for their guy at the national convention this is what our founding fathers set up if the caucas is that diffrent than the popular vote it shows voter fraud. The neocons are very tricky. They will change locations and times on events and caucases and only let the regulers who have been there for years know where and when they are you will have to be vigilant keeping up with them. If you are going to get involved the sooner the better but trust me anyone who joins right now will be suspect and it will be hard to get on their delegate list. You have to outnumber them and actually take the whole thing over and get your own list elected and helps to take the chair. To move up any other way takes years of being water boy for them and proving your loyalty to the party. Also it helps if you have enough people to amount to over 2/3 caucase if you have 2/3 you can actually over turn anything they do and change the rules to suite your needs 2/3 can overturn anything. Hope that helps That is what I learned from my first go around with the delegate process if I have said anything that isnt right please correct it. You really cant claim to be an American until you've suffered the process its an eye opener fopr sure. This post is not spell checked cause Im in a hurry so sorry so sloppy.

Texas (152)...fitting.

That'd be a great place to really focus the drive. But yes, this is how we do it! Great concise list/strategy. Push "republican4aday" and open primaries. Make it into being a "smart voter" in general. Making the most out of your vote.

Jack Wagner

But first we need to get him to run

Of course...http://libertypac.com


Jack Wagner

Republican for a Day

I've been working on a project you may be interested in. We must reach out to anti-war groups, we have so much in common.


That -

Is Awesome! Congrats and thank you. I'm going to be exploring after work tonight.

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