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2012 Open Primary States: The key to Ron Paul's Republican Nomination

Since Obama is a strong incumbent for the Democrats for 2012 there will not be any viable Democratic Primaries in 2012. There are 17 states with an Open Primary where many Democrats and Independents will have the opportunity to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary without registering Republican.

Ron Paul's anti-war message of peace and his stance against the Neo-conservatives will resonate strong with many registered Democrats and Independents.

We must organize and put the strongest efforts in these states to encourage Democrats and Independents to vote for Ron Paul and capture all the Delegates of these Open Republican Primary States:

Alabama (50)
Arizona (Semi-closed, with primaries open only to unaffiliated or unrepresented voters, except for the Libertarian primary.)(57)
Arkansas (36)
Georgia (75)
Hawaii (Open primary for state, local, and congressional races; caucus system for presidential races.)(20)
Idaho (32)
Indiana (46)
Massachusetts (All races' primaries open for "unenrolled"/unaffiliated voters only)(41)
Michigan (59)
Mississippi (37)
Missouri (53)
South Carolina (50)
Tennessee (58)
Texas (152)
Vermont (17)
Virginia (49)
Wisconsin (42)

Total delegates for our taking in these Open Republican Primaries: 874 (1,212 needed to win) http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/

and here is a start...


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I like it!

Great way of presenting it. Republican for a Day. Perfect!

Jack Wagner

The Democrats added

The Democrats added Superdelegates because they didn't like the power wielded by grass roots to simply vote for who they want instead of whoever the DNC wanted. The Republicans don't do this. We can take Ron through the Primary. The primaries are not decided by voters, the primary is decided by delegates.

We need to gather information at this stage as to the exact delegate process in each state. If the by-laws for that state is a winner-take-all arrangement, if delegates are pledged or unpledged, etc. This link has a lot of good information at the bottom as well as a good breakdown of how the Republican Primary went down: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Party_%28United_Stat...

Can we possibly create a database in Access or Base of all the states and their precincts and how many delegates we have in each one? I think if we do that, we can work on getting more delegates into the GOP by finding holes in coverage, etc.


Debates Main article:

Main article: Republican Party (United States) presidential debates, 2012

The following debates have been scheduled so far:[8][9]

* May 2, 2011 – A national debate, hosted by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and NBC.
* May 5, 2011 – A South Carolina debate, hosted by the South Carolina Republican Party.
* June 7, 2011 – A New Hampshire debate, hosted by CNN, WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader.
* August 11, 2011 – An Iowa debate, hosted by the Iowa Republican Party and FOX News.

[edit] Primary and caucus dates

* January 31, 2012 - Florida [10]
* February 1 – March 5, 2012: Early states (Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, Nevada caucuses, South Carolina primary)[11]
o February 6 – Confirmed date of the Iowa caucuses[12]
o February 14 – Expected date of New Hampshire primary
o February 18 – Confirmed date of the Nevada caucuses
* March 6–31, 2012: Primaries (and other contests) that provide for proportional allocation of delegates to the candidates, and all nonbinding caucuses;
* April 1, 2012 onward: All other contests.


Republicans file lawsuit seeking a closed primary system in SC

The SCGOP has objections to voters who don't align straightly with the GOP platform having a vote in the SC primaries. "The Republican party argues that by closing the primary system, it will eliminate unfair influence from voters who don't support the party platform".

Judge Hears SC Primary Lawsuit Today
Uploaded by wyfftv on Mar 10, 2011

Republicans file lawsuit seeking a closed primary system in SC. It would require voters who want to participate in party primaries to declare a party affiliation when they register to vote.


The Columbia Tea Party is set to speak at trial in opposition to the measure.

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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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Thanks! - Good thinking...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately as well. I am lucky to live in an open primary state.

An addendum - we should also be keeping a list of deadlines for changing party registration! Maybe even a website that allows people to see deadlines and links to the internet forms or where to go? We could be posting the links along with comments on articles, etc...
If I wasn't a computer moron I could help.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

In New Hampshire, too,

non-Republicans can vote in the Republican party (independent can, but Democrats cannot). NH and SC will be key states in that respect.

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

can I ask a stupid question?

from step 1, how does one become a delegate? Does it start at the Sec. of State's office? Since Ron Paul is grassroots I think we have to assume people are not "in-the-know." Me for example.

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Good article on the delegate process




Thnaks for sending us to the CFR website for important info...lololol

I know, right? Pardon the

I know, right? Pardon the source but the information is useful.


don't just talk......RUN....for delegate of course......

But run for precinct chair.
The gop....dems....even the lp has a structure set up.
Ron Paul is gop.....so what ya gonna do? I know some hate the GOP....... But ask yourself...why is ron paul gop? If he were libertarian he likely would not even be a congressman.
Find out who your precinct chair is. LIkely you will want to run against him/her in the gop primary as very few republicans even understand what sound money is. Bring your possee to the precinct convention. Be freindly with tea party types as they will likely listen to you. Neocons will not.
Also, consider buddying up to your precint chair and tell him/her "can I have a try?". They may let you takeover without a bullet being fired. If they say NO...then tell them "good luck because I'm gonna run and my grandpa has 5k he is going to give me to campaign with"
EVen if you lose...you will gain respect and bring your dedicated supporters to the precinct convention and kick some a$$.

We print the money.


I became a delegate by showing up at the caucus early, becoming the clerk and since most people knew me since they had to go through me I put myself up as delegate candidate within my precinct. If you speak out for Ron Paul you will get a delegation. The young people voted for me as a delegate.

Just show up to all party events and be active within your precinct. You have the ideas to make you a leader, the next step is just being involved.


We Must Get Organized And Soon..The Early Bird Gets The Delegates..







Into The Local, State And National Delegations...THIS IS THE KEY FOR US...





Boise federal judge on Wednesday declared holding open primaries in Idaho--where 42 percent of the state's voters consider themselves independent--unconstitutional.

The key to secure Ron Paul's

The key to secure Ron Paul's nomination is through the delegate process. Register to be a delegate before it is too late.

RP will NOT win if he tries

RP will NOT win if he tries to persuade Democrats to vote for him. This strategy has failed many many times before. John Dennis in San Francisco. Just look at the vote count.

The anti-war message is only a fraction of his overall message. Democrats may like that but they take one look at everything else and they are out.

Guess who votes in Republican Primaries? REPUBLICANS! And they will be coming out in droves in 2012. RP has more in common with the biggest pro-war hawk than any democrat out there.

If we are trying to get democrats to vote for RP, we have some serious issues.

Find likely voting Republicans. Go door to door, hand out fliers, volunteer for the campaign, donate money, and get your family and friends to vote. Let's be for real about this.

Since you feel the need to copy and paste:

Here's my response to the thread you started with the same text and didn't respond:

"1.) We tried that once. Most "Republicans" are really Neocons, or at least seduced by the Neocon philosophy.

2.) We tried that once. The majority of "Republican Primary Voters" are idiots who believe the Reagan Administration was conservative and every Muslim wants to blow up Cleveland.

3.) We tried that once. The GOP propaganda network, FOX, turned on him at every turn (notice Dr. Paul is mostly on Fox Business, not the network people watch). The AP, on the Sunday before Super Tuesday, published candidate positions without Ron Paul on the list, even including 2 candidates that had already dropped out.

4.) "The anti-war message is only a fraction of his overall message." - Exactly, but it is a starting point to get the rest of the message out.

5.) "RP has more in common with the biggest pro-war hawk than any democrat out there." -- Wholeheartedly disagree. Many people, who I personally know, joined the primary campaign who were, prior to that point, Democrats or disenfranchised independents (like me).

6.) "If we are trying to get democrats to vote for RP, we have some serious issues." -- No, we are trying to get people with intelligence and patriotism to vote for him. It is our job to break BOTH Democrats and Republicans from the false two-party paradigm.

7.) "Let's be for real about this." -- Exactly. There is no way in Hell the GOP is going to allow Ron Paul to win the nomination without pulling off a grassroots coup. The key is getting Independents, Libertarians, and newly-former Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary - some states like mine do not need a registration. Others, it is about keeping down your lunch when you fill out the form. When I lived in a registration state, I was registered Independent. I would have switched for Ron Paul if lived there during the last primaries.

Totally with you on the door to door, donating and volunteering. I did it last time though practically every spare minute - hopefully there will be many more this time to help."

Look - we do need to get as many Republicans switched over as possible. But, just look at the Tea Party idiots...how many of them have identified with the Freedom Message? Maybe 30%? And those are the Tea Partiers, not the run of the mill old, white, GOP goons that run the caucuses and conventions. We are going to need many more, and from outside the GOP.

Why are you constantly trying to protect a "pretend" political party that rejected Ron Paul the first time?

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

I agree..

I agree..

Me too.

Blow up Cleveland? What's wrong with that.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

I agree. Some people can be

I agree. Some people can be honest enough to see that Obama and most Dems are just as bad as most of the gop and Bush. I've been talking with several antiwar Dems over the years who still say that RP is a racist extremist who wants to take away their gov benefits. But, I say: "are you against the wars?" They say: yes. I say: "you know his priorities are to stop the wars and spend that money to prop up the social programs until things can be corrected." They say: he's a racist. I say "why do you think that?" They say something like: "Because he's a republican and all republicans are racists war mongers. I'll never vote for a republican." The local leader of our antiwar protests still supports Obama. I talk with him a couple of times a year about Ron Paul and he still thinks that Obama is the cat's meow who is a light in the darkness of DC.

Good idea

voting for Dr.Paul in the primary is possible without switching parties. Check out this site:


About 1/3 to a 1/2 of RP's supporters identify themselves as liberals

New Hampshire is the first early primary and has a set of rules that allows undeclared voters to vote in either primary. Dems can also vote on the GOP side if they plan ahead.


Sort This List

Can we get this list sorted by primary dates and have those dates listed as well. That way we can be sure to ramp up focus on the next state to have a primary. We need to be ready with Facebook ads and any other media that we can use to really get the message out right before those states primaries.


I thought California now had an open primary

that would be the big prize, along with TX.


A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Only for State Positions

The California Top One or Two Primary does not apply to Federal Offices.

For the presidential primary, the State GOP may vote to allow an open primary. They kept the 2008 primary closed to reduce cross party support for Ron. I suspect they will do the same next year.

For California Delegates, Each Candidate selects 3 delegates and alternates per congressional district and a few statewide delegates. The winner of each district gets 3 delegates to National. The Statewide winner gets the Statewide delegates.


I wish we would have all

I wish we would have all known how powerful the delegate process is before the last election cycle. Our local group had over 100 active people before the primary. So many people got disillusioned that we only had 40 people show up to our county caucus. We split it 50/50 with the old guard. We would have carried the day with the full 100. This next round my focus will be on doing lit drops to educate and get people to the caucus.

Your brain train

is definitely moving in the right direction. Keep up the great work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I believe a better bet is campus recruitment...

as we can attract plenty of volunteers and even convince some Democrats to register as Republicans for the primary.