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Using new metals in U.S. coins could impact counterfeiting, public safety and a lot more


"The public is invited to submit its comments on the possibility of using new metals to manufacture U.S. coins by sending an e-mail to coinmaterials@usmint.treas.gov by April 4."

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Oh yeah!

Like people are running rampant to counterfeit these worthless coins, when the metal they are made of is worth more than the coin itself.

These people are SO ludicrous.
They just can't admit that they have debased the currency so far that even zinc slugs are worth more than their stupid money.

Yeah, metals like gold and

Yeah, metals like gold and silver. But the counterfeiting isn't going to stop until the dollar crashes. There is still more wealth to steal by printing worthless paper.

Like I've been saying...THEY

own damn near all presious metals now & they want to try & pick up the rest on their way out the door.

In the mean time...maybe we can be convienced to except something like a new alloy of recycled scrap Fords for our new play money !!!

I repeat...if you are truly going to honor and payback the fraudulant global debt created by the NWO mafia's...your gonna need to sacrifice the rest of your lives and those of your children too.

Id it really worth it for a bunch of 00000 on a computer ? Why are we willing to allow the destrution of our way of life and the wholesale looting of our country...just to pay back a debt that doesn't really exist ?

Bazzzzzar...don't you think ?

Why do we feel compelled to self destruct generation after generation. Led like sheep to ""fatten...then be fleeced""...? Is their some DNA element to this ?

I belive there is...research if you will The Lost Book Of Enki. If what is contained there is true then we were BUILT to be slaves and basisly find it difficult or impossible to CLIMB up and be men.

Your comments...

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Question for all the Metalists

If there were suddenly discovered five-hundred trillion-gazillion TONS of gold and silver on the planet and nothing else... what good would it be?

One man could own the planet with a half-pound of bacon.

With a gold standard, the guys with the gold will rule (everyone).

With a silver standard, the guys with the silver will rule (everyone).

With an "unobtainium" standard, the guys with the "unobtainium" will rule (everyone).

Metals miight have worked (back when people were ignorant). They won't work in the current situation.

Hell... let's have a "dirt" standard. Or a water standard.

What's America have a lot of that nobody else has? An "imagination" standard? Print interest-free national money and let the international market figure it out.

Well, if they haven't found

Well, if they haven't found it yet, what do you think the chances are that they ever will?

It's kind of like the idea of alien life forms and psychic powers. If they existed, I think we would all know it. But some people just like to kid themselves.

But getting back to your question, we already know that there is no limit to how many notes they can print, or how many computer entries. Gold and silver cannot be printed, or created inside a computer. So, common sense tells you that they are a safer medium for storing wealth.

Thank you, thank you, thank

Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing this out! Although I dissagree with your remedy,I find it in some ways less objectional to a gold or silver standard. The truth is we don't need a gold standard, or a silver standard, or a FRN standard, or an interest-free note standard, or any other standard. It time to recognize the right to choose one's medium of exchange free of government intrusion is as fundamental as the right to freedom of speech or any other well established natural right. Therefore be it proposed:

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a currency, nor prohibiting the free exchange thereof.