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Wrap Your Car For Ron Paul?

Did anyone ever do this for 2008? Get one of those car wrappers for your car which promote Ron Paul? I was thinking this could be an awesome way to promote Ron and the liberty movement within the main primary locations.. You can just do the window wrapping, or the entire car... lol, especially if you have a used car. Pay someone to drive it around town and use a bullhorn. haha.. okay just kidding on the bullhorn. Here's a good example; http://files.meetup.com/492644/LOCAL_RonPaul_Window_Decals_Designed_%26_Installed!.jpg

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I did better

Not only did I do that...
But I had the RONPAUL license plate!


I have a nationwide network of wrappers

A standard car is about $2000, a van is about $2700 and a box truck is around the same. You don't have to do full wraps either! You can do large graphics for a lot less money. Please check out my sites www.hideyourride.com www.marylandvehiclewraps.com and www.vehiclewrapping.com

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I hope to see a lot of those in action,

nice work.