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Tea Party - Feminists?

I am totally preplexed about this article. I think I am missing the point here or this is really stupid imo.

So is anything ie. group, school, military, police, fire department, government, company, religion.... with women involved and participating a 'feminist' movement?


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Interesting article. It would be wonderful

if the tea party were an incubator for strong, independent people of both genders.


to the left, yes.
They ascribe any attribute they want to, to anything they want to, in order to make some inference or appearance that their agenda is "taking hold".
For the left, appearance is everything, since they have no substance.


That was a very well worded reply. Thank you. I have somewhat considered that before but you really laid it very well. Good job.

Thank you for being online atm and giving me a lesson in - Left psyche - 101 lol