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95% of Voters Say Debt Reduction Important

U.S. future depends on cutting debt, voters say
By Bernie Becker - 03/07/11 06:10 AM ET

Likely voters overwhelmingly believe deficit reduction is crucial to America’s future, but generally oppose raising revenue through tax reform to cut those deficits, a new poll conducted for The Hill found.

A full 95 percent of likely voters believe that lowering the debt is either very or somewhat important, the poll found, with only 2 percent finding the issue not at all or not very important.


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what if there was no debt

what if there was no debt problem, what if it was all just to support the collapse of the dollar and further consolidation of power via a more centraly controlled currency?

What if america was not well off via industry and production, but EXTREMELY well off via investment and FACIST manipulation?

Think I'm wrong?

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Every survey I have seen that says the same thing but here is the REAL problem. If someone is getting anything from the government, salary, social insecurity, medicare, medicade, student loans, etc.... 80% of those people belived you should not cut what THEY are getting. This is always the problem. The teachers in Wisconsin are only the beginning.....the federal workers will protest....studends did (california) and will protest....every group will protest...saying cut them not us! This is the problem.

There is no doubt in the fact

There is no doubt in the fact that the debt should be lowered. If that is not done it is going to effect US economy in a very bad manner. And every one know that US is engaged in couple of wars, it will be difficult time for the govt.

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I'd like to know what that 2%

I'd like to know what that 2% is smoking.

good find

Thanks Bobby.

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How to stop the Fed from printing money? QE3 coming.

Federal Reserve's Lockhart: Oil shock could lead to QE3


Thanks Bobby!

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