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"The Tiny Dot" New Video from Larken Rose


Larken Rose strikes again!

And if you haven't seen "I'm Allowed To Rob You" from Larken, enjoy:


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the message is simple


The only way we can be enslaved is if we enslave ourselves.

Americans aiding and abetting their own enslavement:


we are the Remnant

It doesn't mention anything

about the tiny dot, getting all of the blue dots on the government dole, and the green dots to exert control over the remaining red and yellow dots.

The tinier dot that pulls the strings of the "tiny dot", gets the blue dots and the red dots to bicker and fight with each other, while the tinier dot makes out the back door with the loot.
(If that makes any sense)

I like Stephan Molyneux's explanation of how we are conditioned to keep each other under a certain amount of control, or the illusion thereof.

Five monkeys

Did you ever read the story about 5 monkeys and a banana?


but what about that hundredth monkey?

The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached. The idea of the hundredth monkey phenomenon comes from Dr. Lyall Watson (1938-2008) in his book Lifetide (1979).

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
~ Sophie Magdalena Scholl
"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Not a good representation of

Not a good representation of the host/parasite relationship. Almost half of the population either works for the government or is dependent on it's handouts.

The video stated that the host dots represent 100 million.

In fact, it was stated several times.

Leaving 100 million on the government dole (1/3)

And another third children etc.

Do the third on the government dole pressure the other 100 million or do they just convince the gang of thieves to allocate a part of the loot to them.

You're right. I think it's covered.

Free includes debt-free!


Personally, I think the video is intellectually void. So oversimplified it doesn't even make any sense. It's like Lamb Chops trying to educate kids on government.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

The best points are usually the most simple.

It's deception that is complicated. It's clear this video was meant to provoke thought, not cover the issue of taxation in any detail.

You have to get people's attention before anything else.

To those that think the

To those that think the throng of dots represents overall US population, it does not. It represents only the tax-paying portion therein.

Larken Rose possesses the most stripped-down, bear-essentials, root-of-the-cause, logic-based thought process of any "public" figure. If I could choose one person to speak to every person on Earth, Rose is that speaker.

One factor working against him, though, other than the fact that he uses strict logic and most humans aren't able to appreciate such behavior, is the fact that when people see him with his mustache and sweater, they think they're watching some creepy dude from 1985, and the realization that it's contemporary only makes it appear creepier.

The medium is the message and perception is reality.

What a shame Rose hasn't learned these lessons yet.

Hasn't he?

"The Tiny Dot" is an advertisement for Larken's new book, The Most Dangerous Superstition. Want to bet he gets a lot of orders because of it? Larken is a savvy communicator. This little video is just a teaser that doesn't answer the questions it raises. The book offers some great answers, and I think this is an effective ad for it.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

ytc's picture

So, I wonder what it would look like when

decentralized multiple clusters move freely when IRS/HSA + tyrannical dictator disappear.

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double post.


fun video but...

It should be noted that a large portion of those dots support the tiny dot because they are not paying into the system, but instead are benefiting from it. Show the money going from the large group through the tiny dot and a percentage passed along to different larger groups of dots.

It would be interesting to start dividing the large group of dots up and sort out the ones working for the tiny dots and the ones paying for it. That illustration gets to the point of why that tiny dot is so powerful, and why the masses need to reconsider the role of the tiny dot in the first place.

Government Is a Mental Disorder

Govern ment literally means Govern...to limit or control, Ment...a state of mind- mind control.
So government is mind control which could potentially create a mass delusion so others can rob you while you are under it's spell. Uhh, I think that might have already happened?
Knowing this we should consider very carefully what type of mind control we choose to have.

For example you could choose a mind control which says it is ok for everyone to rob everyone else, Socialism.

You could choose a mind control where it is Ok for some to rob others, Oligarchy.

Or you could form a government (form of mind control where everyone is schooled to believe it is not ok for anyone to rob anyone) and punish those that steal or defraud others.

These three types of mind control cannot fairly and sustainably coexist, one will eventually win out, so a Society must choose only one set of rules to live by.

If the three forms of mind control sound familiar it is because we live under the spell of the first two while we are simultaneously duped to be good little Christians and not rob anyone, all the while the Oligarchy and The Mob are both on the loose robbing everyone!

However, if we all equally robbed each other, quickly nobody would want to play that game anymore. So stealing only works if a privileged group are the only ones officially permitted to do it. Once everyone exercises the right to rob everyone no one will want to rob anyone!

This is why an equally armed populace keeps the peace. This is why anarchy (freedom) is peace.

Search the PDF of Frederic Bastiat's - The Law Read and choose The Society you want.

Our best choice is to stop the robbery by robbing them back until the crooks don't like it so much and yell enough already. Bullying bullies back is the only thing in history that has ever stopped the bullying.

Therefore history tells us that a period of total insanity and plunder (mass violence) must now unfold until the survivors come to their senses again that it is not ok for any one to rob any one.

It is just a natural cycle. The Oligarchy and their Collectivist Mob is at war with us. They want what little we have left, so get rid of it. Consume everything you produce and give them nothing. Steal all you can from the stealers and just stay alive until they die. The only problem is not to be led away to a prison or labor camp to die. You must avoid that.

Read Starving The Monkeys.

The Oracle

In other words, fight violence with violence?

After reading several of your posts, I've noticed a trend.

You begin by making good points, only to lead readers to bad conclusions that Ron Paul has said he does not support. Ron Paul does not support anarchy, nor violence. This is a philosophical war to restore and improve the foundation we already fought for.

Starting from scratch would not be beneficial after we have already allowed the evil of the world to fraudulently accumulate so much of the world's wealth. That wealth would be used to crush any meaningful attempt at establishing freedom again.

Our founders had a clean slate; a place to physically break free of tyranny. In the technologically advanced international world we live in today, we don't. We have nowhere else to go. The correction must be intellectual and from within.

Violence No, Paper Yes

Change can come from "within" the U.S. Government to some extent but it is much better to remove yourself from that Society of The Dammed altogether. No tyranny in history was ever reformed from within, but if you guys work from within and those of us on the outside work to get you out eventually we will link up our tunnels and get you out of The Prison for Your Mind which you are still reluctant to leave.

The U.S. Government is a paper tiger, it is a bad idea (communism FDR's New Deal).
The way out is a paper solution just like The Unanimous Declaration of The Thirteen Colonies was in 1776. You also can reclaim the wealth which they have borrowed from you. You have an unclaimed account at the fed holding this wealth. It is on loan to the corporations, it still is yours if you claim it. All the wealth that you think is in the hands of the tyrants is in fact held in trust by them but not owned by them, you can easily reclaim it back. See Winston Shrout's You Own a Bond on YouTube or search UCC-1 Financing statement. Didn't anyone tell you that you were supposed to claim your Trust account at the Fed when you were 18? Funny how The Public Schools didn't mention that. Did you now you have millions in unclaimed wealth? You cannot win an election when all your wealth is in the hands if those who borrowed it from you and want to hold onto it. You must first reclaim your mind, then your money/commercial power/credit, then you have the wealth to choose to form a free Society.

The way out if New Rome is not physical it is mental and legal/lawful just as it was in 1776.
I am not advocating violence, first change your status from penniless British Subject to the owner of your share of the public trust, then defend it from the crooks who "borrowed it" from you when they want to "borrow it" again.

Your attacks on my posts are oversimplified and misguided.

The Oracle

The truth is simple.

You're misguided. Dropping out is not effective. What is effective is exactly what Ron Paul is encouraging and doing.

Why is Withdrawing My Financial Support for Evil Not Effective?

Who is your Liege Lord that you serve, declare yourself, and why have you trolled six of my Posts today?

Clearly you are feeling very threatened by my leaving Your U.S. Plantation.

Yes walking off The Plantation is effective. If it wasn't I would not have been attacked so viciously when I left my bondage to U.S. Also a collectivist Loyalist like you would not attack me so viciously if my leaving your Society was not in fact the best way to end it.

Withdrawing even one membership from the Society known as U.S. Government reduces it's power enormously.

Why are you so scared of my leaving your group? Is it because you want me to stay at the table in your rigged poker game?

Unless you have something genuine to ask me I will respond to your attacks from now on with Loyalist Troll so others will see your Red Coat.

The Oracle

Effective for an individual, maybe, temporarily.

Until everything comes crashing down for not doing anything.

For restoring a free society or country - much more unlikely than participating and working to fix the foundation.

Why do you not listen to Ron Paul on this?

I Am Doing Both

I act from "without" the United States thereby changing the program inside the Matrix.
Voting within the system is simply pointless compared to the effective power wielded by reprogramming or directing the system from without.

Steering the ship directly from the bridge is a lot more effective when approaching an iceberg than holding an "election" in the engine room to put someone in charge of steering blindly.
The "voters" don't actually steer the ship. It is the creditors to the United States who command the vessel. You gotta stop screwing around in the engine room and get above deck to see what is really going on. I'm just outside the bridge now. Would you bet I have more influence on the direction the ship takes from here than you slaves trapped in the bowels of the ship holding elections?
Nobody who gets "elected" makes any decisions of consequence. The command is "without" the United States on the bridge.

The Oracle

The only mind control they need

is for people to believe in "authority;" that is, the idea that some men can be our "rightful rulers," and that we have a moral DUTY to obey the rulers.

Oracle, you have one wrong idea: "mind control" will not convince people that robbery is just and moral. You have to name it something else ("taxation" or "contributions" or "paying your fair share") -- specifically, something that we need our rightful rulers to supervise for us. Something that isn't wrong when "authority" does it.

"Government" is the most dangerous superstition. And it IS a superstition: there are NO rightful rulers. If you own yourself -- and you do -- then no one has a RIGHT to boss you around and take your stuff. The men who do it are megalomaniacs and thugs, not rightful rulers.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

The Govern Ment is Mind Control

I agree I didn't mention that the mind control largely operates by language control.
Here are some examples:

Public Domain / Private Domain
Democracy / Lawful De Jure Republic

STATE OF OHIO / Ohio state
HOME / House
RESIDENT / Domicile
PERSON / Man, Woman
CHILD / Son, Daughter
DRIVER / Traveler
INDIVIDUAL / Someone, anyone
LIBERTY / Freedom

By changing the words one by one to newspeak they change the mind of the people and create a new reality from their fictional one.

Pretty soon the Public language will make thoughtcrime impossible because the words to think a free thought will be extinguished by creation of The Public Mind and substitution of Free Speech with The Public Language (Newspeak). Newspeak implementation stepped up in pace after The Crown took back direct control of America in 1871. It is no accident that all these Newspeak terms have been introduced in to the language every twenty years in new editions of Black's Law first published in 1871.

The Oracle

It's not only Black's that has

It's not only Black's that has changed the definitions of words to confuse the people. In 1861, 7 years before the Federal Government took control of the States, Websters and other common dicitonaries changed many words, including the definitions for "state" and "federal", and MANY more political terms.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Under Cover of War

Seems like a lot of changes get snuck in under cover of War. I am pretty convinced the whole point of Wars is to distract from changes in the money system and government. Every time there is a war there is a corresponding change in The Matrix concerning the monetary system and the citizenship status. Talk about dejavues!

So thanks TX I'll have a look at the webster's definition changes from the 1859 Matrix reboot.

You wouldn't happen to have an original copy of Benedict on Admiralty?

The Oracle

This reminds me of

Pixar's "A Bug's Life"

Grasshoppers = Government

Ant's = Us

One visual representation he overlooked....

the millions of circles who are not paying taxes but eating them.

Leges sine moribus vanae

I never quite looked at the Constitution this way.

I guess technically he is right but it may be an over simplification.

I do think that the founders never intended for a federal income tax. But the 16th Amendment changed their original wording to allow for it.

Whenever a law is made it is backed by nothing more than the words written on a piece of paper. But it can be enforced by those given the authority to do so.

Since our founders agreed to a republic based on the rule of law, they decided that those who write the law (Congress) have a right to be paid so they needed some taxes.

At issue is the PROPER role of that government which the founders at the time agreed to put into place.

Anarchy is a form of government where it's every man for himself.

That mey be the ultimate free society.

But then it would be possible for thugs, tribes, clans or other collective groups to prevail and act in any way they want.

So I understand a government needs SOME small amount of tax to function.

I just don't like the income tax. ONLY consumption taxes or USER taxes are moral.

All forms of INCOME or PROPERTY taxes are IMMORAL and they are pure and simple THEFT.

So I agree with Larken when he said that little piece of paper re-defined theft to allow it to occur with the blessing of a written and signed "law."

The only thing I would have done is to use his illustration to help define a "moral" as opposed to an "immoral" type of tax.

Then again "moral tax" could be an oxymoron!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

His book...

..."The Most Dangerous Superstition" does a great job of detailing the points you address. If you haven't read it, I bet you would enjoy it!! It'd be great if every one of the "dots" in the throng would read it as well!!