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Is Glenn Beck Getting Fired?

Judge Andrew Napolitano is hosting the Glenn Beck show this entire week and there have been rumors that Fox will not renew Beck's contract at the end of the year. Since conservative radio networks, like Beck's and Limbaugh's have been tanking, is it possible that more and more people are listening to people like Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano and ditching their neoconsevative beliefs?


The New York Times article referenced: The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms - Fox and Glenn Beck Stare into a Dark Future

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Glenn has created a Glenn Beck junkie class

that expects its daily fix at 5:00 PM weekdays. I hope someone can fill that time slot who expresses many of the same concerns about out-of-control government. I’ve enjoyed when Judge Napolitano fills in for Glenn. Just sayin’…


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Maybe he has served his purpose

People still believe other tv people will say the right thing and save them from needing to do anything. It'll be fine folks, tv will provide for you.

I have enjoyed the GB show all this week.

Of course Judge Nap has been the host. They could shut down Beck's show tomorrow and I wouldn't care because.....Freedom Watch would still be on the air.

He's not on his way to being fired

He lost the wayward moderates that were starting to warm to him when he went uber-religious last summer (which I thanked God for, because I could finally take him off my DVR).

However, he still has a huge audience.

Glancing through the videos of 'The Young Turks', this appears to be an ultra-liberal YouTube channel spewing B.S. on a regular basis. Who cares what they say.

He probably is fired -

He didn't do his job. It was so obvious his job was to steal everything Dr. Paul was saying & give it a very subtle Neo-Con spin. He was a major factor in hijacking the Tea Party. "Their" hope was to have all of us fall under Glenn Beck's spell - he would absorb our movement because we would fall for what he was preaching (thinking it was EXACTLY what Dr. Paul was saying), and it would be a safe, Neo-Con, 2-party system again, and everything would be under their control again.

Unfortunately, there is too many of us who are aware & don't fall for this bullsh!t. If Glenn had done his job, he would be hailed on the DP all the time.

Sooo happy that we're still here, strong, & minus that toad. Little trolls are all we have to be aware of here. :)

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

False flag? If the neo-cons,

False flag?

If the neo-cons, CIA, Pentagon lose their voice... expect drastic actions....

I don't put anything past these bastards. Money and power corrupts ultimately.

Doesn't he have some health

Doesn't he have some health problems anyways? I'm sure it's not anything to be excited about.

One could only hope however...

On a LDS mission

I think Glenn is on a mission to fulfill the LDS prophecy that was stated a long time ago.


I pray the LDS will work to save the Constitution.

I am not LDS.

He's quitting to run for president

Just like Sarah Palin

IMHO Beck is the canonical

IMHO Beck is the canonical example of the Hawk faction of the Tea Party. He has a bunch of the right ideas on finance and internal freedom. But he doesn't get the Blowback/Entangling Alliance issue.

As I see it, Fox is trying to play to both the Neocons and the Liberty wing, with Fox News and Fox Business Network respectively. So you see The Judge and Stossel on FBN, and Hannity, O'Reilly, and the like on Fox News.

Beck is an odd-shaped peg in both holes, but his hawkishness and willingness to shaft Liberty wing figures makes him a better fit for Fox News. There he can attract the Tea Partiers who have gotten the financial message but are still stuck on neoimperialism as a foreign policy. This fits in well with Hannity, Palin, etc. But his strong feelings on other issues means he'd rather have The Judge fill in for him than other candidates.

I don't think there's much chance the Fox execs will want to pollute their neocon brand at Fox News by moving The Judge or Stossel there permanently, at least in the near future. And I don't see anybody else on their lineup or potential lineup that could pull in bucks in that slot. So I read this as just posturing for contract negotiations.

(Now maybe a stellar ratings performance by Napolitano might get them to rethink that. But their current strategy seems more conducive to profit AND Murdock's own politics.)

Meanwhile, I've just called up Sirius / XM and asked for them to add Fox Business Network to their satellite radio feeds. They've got the neocon Fox News, but FBN is missing. Getting a libertarian / Liberty viewpoint onto satellite radio could do a bunch for our cause.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

No way in hell

he came into a dead spot at 5pm which fox had a lot of trouble filling. He got massive ratings and while they have declined, he still has massive ratings. I doubt very much that they would take a chance with someone else at this point. Maybe in a few years if he continues to decline.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I would have to agree, he

I would have to agree, he isn't going to be replaced. He has massive amounts of influence and is a power player. He is an asset more then a liability to FOX.

I Would Have To Disagree

since it seems he has lost over a million viewers in the last 6 months which is around 50% of his audience. He's on a downward spiral and will never recover.


Conservative Platforms Hurting?

This guy must be trying to get high on super glue. Conservative formats are doing fine. So, what's the real reason that Beck's contract would not be renewed?

Well, recently he disagreed with the Weekly Standard (WS), owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Corp fame - the same entity that owns Fox News. Beck basically said that the WS had it wrong about the riots in the middle east as it was communists whipping up the masses there in tandem with the Muslim Brotherhood who are also communists controlled. Looks like this did not set well with the neocons he works for as they are also collectivists in conservative clothing.

The Young Turks: Who are these guys and where do they get their information?


Glenn Beck was not pulled in Salt Lake City. He is a god here. He does a ton of local commercials for Utah businesses. His billboards are everywhere.

He used to be on in the afternoons here, which was a replay.

They moved him to the morning drive 6 to 10 am...LIVE.

They also added Hannity in the early afternoon.

So, the lineup is literally: Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity....on "family values talk radio"

Puke, Puke, and Puke.

If it wasn't for Dave Ramsey and Coast to Coast, I would never listen to that station.

Puke, Puke, and Puke


I'd much rather

Hannity or Rush get fires but GB is a start.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

The other day Michael Savage

The other day Michael Savage openly admitted he will not take Ron Paul phone calls or "birther" calls either.

This is a MSM outlet that openly admits to censoring Ron Paul.


"Give Them Enough Rope and They Will Hang Themselves"

Those that try to censor RP this time around are in for a shock. If RP runs, the Republicans best support him as they don't have a horse in the race for 2012. The elites would rather split the Republican vote with some kind of 3rd party, which would hand the election to Obama. 1912 all over again.

So, the 'real' question is: who is Mike Savage?

about 51% of people who listen to rush, hannity, and beck

is to hate them. its hate-tertainment they enjoy listening to what they hate.

i actually don't enjoy it. i disenjoy listening to hannity and rush, and will only listen to oreilly and beck when they are having cordial interviews with important people.

Interesting observation Vermont.

I think there is something to what you said.

For me it's true to some extent. I end up hating what I am hearing from these supposed conservative media personalities.

But also, I want to hear the crap they spew while claiming to be conservative.

This way I keep plugged in to what the establishment republicans are taking in and agreeing with as the truth.

In a way, these types (like the names you mentioned- Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh etc.) who claim conservative republican values are worse than shameless liberal hosts who don't claim to be liberal while espousing conservative philosophies.

So who is really the more shameless-untruthful ones???

Good frickn' ridddance if it's true.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

SteveMT's picture

He has had a guest host this week on his radio show also.

Is he on a vacation? Hopefully, an extended one.

Naaaaawwwww! The jig is up

Naaaaawwwww! The jig is up that's all. Beck will resurface with another re-programmed artifice and agenda.

shoot your TV

Who cares. Kill the TV before it kills us.

While the NeoCons lose audiences Tea Party gains momentum

These ppl are moving over to Tea Party supporters like Alex Jones, Peter Shiff, Judge Andrew Napolitano, etc...
Ppl are waking up as we are winning and gaining ground in the Info War.

If there were something better, I could see them firing Beck

But there just isn't that many people better at getting conservative voters to vote for neo-con liberals than Beck.

Guys like Hannity and O'Reilly are like great kung fu villians, but Beck is at a level like Jackie Chan...he fools you into thinking he's vulnerable while kicking butt...a true master of selling. I still occasionally watch him for the selling lessons and entertainment.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if the entire FOX media is hurting bad enough, they might go after a top dollar guy like Beck...especially if Beck is asking for too much or not getting along with some of the FOX muscle (e.g., O'Reilly).

what can I say

Dream come true if Judge replaces Beck.

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Awesome...The Judge in Beck's spot!

I saw the judge last night and he was great as ever.

If he could take over a regular spot on FOX that would be a huge win for the liberty movement.

I must say I am truly surprised FOX allows the judge on.

Is something changing at FOX???

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

One does not get on a Zionist

One does not get on a Zionist owned station like Fox without being pre conditioned. I definetly like the Judge, but be careful and analyze his every move. I would bet Becks ratings are going down, but do not think for a moment Fox News is changing their tune, just tweaking their receipe.

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