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We all need to boycott Righthaven newspapers

I have planned to boycott all Righthaven newspapers by starting a public event on facebook so that we can stop their oppression against pro 2nd amendment blogs, libertarian sites, anti-tsa sites, and others being sued by Righthaven LLC.

We need to boycott them because right now because of loopholes in the law they can do whatever they please and the only way we can stop them from suing me if to boycott all their newspapers.


Also I am petitioning the Colorado District Court to dismiss the case since I clearly broke no laws and the truth is Righthaven allegations in court are mostly false. I did not intend to cause harm by the usage of the patdown photo, and I never intended to break copyright and all my work and work I didn't do is all under Fair Use exemption under Copyright Law.


So what do you think are you attending this facebook event?

Also if you want to invite all your friends on facebook quickly just click select friends to invite and then once completely loaded just clear your address bar and then paste javascript: fs.select_all () and then enter or ok and then it will select all your friends to invite to events. The select all command only seems to work with events so let's stop tyranny by boycotting any tyranny supporters.

Remember again the command for selecting all facebook friends is: javascript: fs.select_all ()

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