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Ron Paul on Unions and Collective Bargaining


I put this quickie together so the radio broadcast has some economic graphs and such to give some visual interest.

This should be good to send to our liberal and neo's distributions lists.

This is from the The Costa Report radio broadcast of March 11, 2011.

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bargining rights

Ron Paul is against bargining rights he is all for assembling together but as far as forcing something on the corp or the corp forcing somthing on the union he dose not believe that. If thats the case then I read in the paper a comapny has every right to fire you if you smoke off the job. That means the comapny is forcing sonething on the worker that is perfectly leagle do in his off time . What rule will the company come up with the next time to force the worker to do something leagley that it is on his off time. Stop drinking coke??? I am all for you cant force a employee to join the union however when something going into arbritation and the union and the work place cant agree on something which the worker thinks its unjustified the case gets thrown out and the worker is at the low todem pole of the stick mainly getting shafted and the corpation gets away with the so called saying getting away from murder

This is very informative.

Thanks for posting.



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