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X-Fed.. Admits Gold Manipulation in Fed Minutes. Gold Std. Report

Excellent gold & monetary history, including Dr Ron Paul (page 2).

Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke "I Want A Definition Of Money!" - page 2

- Kevin Warsh, US Federal Reserve System‟s Board of Governors, X-member
False Belief #2: Risk-Free Investments - [Mythology Busted.] page 3

By Louis Boulanger
... “ The shock that hit the financial markets in 2008 upon the imminent failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gives some indication of the harm that can be done when assets perceived to be relatively riskless turn out not to be.”
- Kevin Warsh (a member of the US Federal Reserve System‟s Board of Governors)

The above was taken from his article entitled, "The New Malaise and How to End It."
There is an overwhelming breakdown of trust in the system. This, I think, is principally due to the abject failure to prosecute fraud on Wall Street. Matt Taibbi's recent article, "Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?" in Rolling Stone magazine says it all!